Friday, August 10, 2012



Rolling Gangster

If a Bradlee and a Humvee had a child and they raised it to kick peoples asses- It would Have been Named STRYKER!

The Stryker MGS moved into low-rate initial production in 2005 for evaluation. General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada assembles the Stryker for the U.S. Army in a plant in London, Ontario.

[edit]The US Army plans to improve its fleet of Stryker vehicles with the introduction of improved semi-active suspension, modifications reshaping the hull into a shallow V-shaped structure, to protect against improvised explosive devices. Because of the wear and tear of battle, over 1000 Stryker vehicles have been rebuilt by Anniston Army Depot and returned to operations and that's exactly what these fellas do! 

They take scrap off the vehicles and put them with new parts

They take damaged Vehicles from battle and make them 
better then they where when they went out of the factory. These guys take serious pride in thier jobs.

Its a very green way to reduce reuse and recycle! A Green Army! 

this just in
Cut like a puzzle to fit

For Generation Video Game!

They know soldiers are supersticious and if they know they where in a war damaged vehicle their minds may not be in the right place.

Don't Let Carole get to the gun!!

Aiming Right for the nuts!

National Mom takes no BS!

By August 2012, the Army's Stryker fleet included over 4,187 vehicles, with 10 flat-bottom variants and 7 in double V-hull designs. In Afghanistan, it retains a 96 percent readiness rate. To upgrade the existing fleet, the Army has implemented an Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) program with the goals of providing a stronger engine, improved suspension, more on-board electrical power, and next-generation networking and computing technology.

Time for a test run.. 

Now Don't let Carole Drive.. Unless she is going shopping

Flat Screens
Fully Loaded

Does it come in Black!