Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Djbouti DAYS prt 1

Flying into Djibouti is never fun. You fly Ethiopian Airlines -which isn't bad except you fly into Ethiopia. The women on the flight are mostly Ethiopian women who are leaving Kuwait to come home after working for a Kuwaiti family for a year.
At one point during the flight the women all started singing and clapping because the sun came up and they where praying. I didn't mind that except they did the laalalalalalala! yell that made me think they where taking over the flight

The airport was upgraded and a little nicer than last time- still the same procedure of the creepy guy who takes you in the back to check your passport then names a price for you to enter.

Look out GOATS!
Small improvements are happening but its a shame this country who allows 30% of the worlds money pass though is so poor.

The kids take dirt and fill in the pot holes so they can ask for money, food or water.
Our government wanted to pave the roads for them and the Djiboutian government said we would have to not only pay for it ourselves we also would have to pay the Djiboutian government 10million dollars.. That's the kind of corrupt they are

Got to base and had to go though allot of security. One of the soldiers told me the Taliban Has a $75000 hit on it you kill the people who run and work on the scanners and $100000 to take out a scanner van. They where upset their life wasn't as expensive as the van!

Two Great articles on the in-flight magazine about bringing skateboarding to Afghanistan and a comics one man show in the middle east.

Commander Call
The Flags

What a great guy- he explained allot about why we are here and our future here.

This is what they call cluville- the containers (the call clu's) are put together to make a small apartment complex. They are building real buildings though for the future.
The sheenster donated over $1,000,000 for entertainment for our soldiers.
You can tell the audience was ready for a show- they dont get much entertainment out here- so they showed up! it was packed and they where such an amazing audience!
My boy! from Ohio