Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 1: somewhere in South East Asia

thats not snow- that humidity

The flight from NYC to Abu Dhabi was brutal- I tried staying up all day so I could sleep on the flight (we had a night flight). That didn't really work out. I had a middle seat and felt like i was being tortured by sleep deprivation, shoulders tucked head back and trying not to piss off my neighbors.

 I did finally fall asleep and we did arrive safe but very tired. The Airline we flew was great- I'm just a big dude to have a middle seat. I also realized I may have pulled a dick move- Its Ramadan, we are flying a Muslim airline and I packed a Cuban sandwich from my favorite place in NYC.. Havana Cafe.. A Cuban sandwich is Pulled Pork and ham with a pickle and mustard... not a Muslims favorite dish. I meant no disrespect so I enjoyed my sandwich quietly and quickly


Lone sodier painting a wall..
A couple soldiers picked us up and off to the base! It was dark and we didn't get to see much of a view. We have a member of AFE joining us her name is Susan and she seems lovely.
Ate, Gym and went right to bed. I know I don't look like a gym guy but being on a flight that long your blood starts to feel like jello- gotta loosen it up.

The re enlist a flahg every week in honor of a safe week or fallen people

With Mathew McConeghieg   

Today I feel like I'm back to doing what I love- we walked around the base and had breakfast, met the PR folks and are ready to head out for today's adventure. Its close to or over 130 degrees and we went to an area with no photography and me some great guys. I'm looking forward to the shows- everyone has been fun to be around.
The shows were amazing and we grabbed food at the dfc

The show was amazing- yes even at 130 degrees these people still partied.. I drank tequila and shared stories after the show with some of the coolest guys in one of the hottest areas of the world.
I was sweating in areas I didn't even know I had.. God bless these guys and gals who do this everyday and do jobs I wouldn't be able to do even in cooler weather. Our military is #1 for a reason!