Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kwaj Photos

Check my older blog on History of this place

Here are some nice photos and a video- I am so far behind with the baby and filming "Days of Power" I haven't had time to write.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kwaj- photos

Here are some Random shots taken right before our show at American Legion.
The crowd was amazing and we got to hang out with the guys after and watch the stars. Amazing!!

Jim tearing it up!

I reunited with my buddy Stan from the last blog! Him and his wife are great people- I am excited we exchanged info and are going to stay in touch!
We watched the stars after the show and enjoyed relaxing on the beach.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

flying to kwaj. part 1

Leaving Hawaii: Last  night in Paradise.

Heading To Kwaj- Check older blog for history

This was such an important Atoll in WW2 I can't believe I'm coming back to perform for our guys there- I know its selfish but WW2 is so important I love the fact I've seen this place.
I am ultra excited to perform for our troops and see where such important historical things happened.
Please for history and a tour check my blog history.

Hipsters in Kwaj?

Carole, Midori, Liz, Jim, Me and Frank

Island living is amazing- if you are American. The Native people live tough. they start having children at 12 years old and on these tiny island a baby is born about every 6 hours and only half make it past 1 years old.

These sharks come in and eat the scraps from the fish that get caught and gutted. We only have about 24 hours and only 1 show tonight- we fly out  early- so I tried to fit in as much sight seeing as i could.

Frank Jim and I check out what we can historically on the island then hit the beach.

Where 3 marines where executed by the Japanese

After we ran around It was time to get ready for the show at the VFW hall on sight. Its a different venue from last time but I am still excited and nervous for the show. I get nervous because I want to give these guys the best show possible- its very important to do my best- the troops deserve it!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

After an Emotional day hit the beach of Pearl Harbor emorial Day part 2

After that heavy afternoon we headed to Waikiki and wanted to see the beach- drink a Mai Tai and relax. We all started perking up a little more when we saw the amazingness of the sands!
I guess this is the touristy part of town but I don't care- its amazing... That's why all these families are here!

I'm lightening up already!
Ordering a drink and watching families from the states and Japan sit and relax as their kids played around the lagoon (language is never a problem with kids I notice) was so peaceful- I know I would love to bring Axel here- man o man I hope I can get Angie and him out here- it would have made the most perfect moment.

Blue sky- bluer water and a cold drink made my trouble sink into the sand.

If you look close on this one there is a wedding- I get it- it is a romantic place to be- I day dreamed and remembered my wedding and started smiling like the little kids playing around me which then made me think of a young Axel talking shyly to one of the little girls running around playing in the sand and I actually laughed out loud at how I am now an adult...
Nope.. still a little kid- posing out in the sand with Carol and Liz.

These kids where having the time of their lives trying to catch fish- I wanted to join them but with my look its enough I took a photo.

It started raining so we headed out- Early Flight to Kwaj.