Sunday, March 31, 2013


All the best Magicians are Jewish.
David Copperfield Jewish
Harry Houdini.. Jewish
David Blain.. Jewish
Jesus Jewish.. 
I may have offended a bunch of people, if I did- sit down, listen in and allow yourself to hear my point of view or should we say lack of point of view on religion. Before you think oh this is some angry kid who has a bohemian point of view- I'm not. I'm a Catholic Buddhist and yes you can be both. Catholicism is a faith. Buddhism is a way of life. Religion and faith are things I don't really know to much about, I have done my homework but there is to much to take in. Spirit though, I am spiritual I have a very specific point of view on this. I like laughing at religion and politics- so it stays fresh and exciting.

I took this Photo in Lisbon 
I guess I think Religion is good. I mean it does cause allot of bad things as well as good things..
Maybe religion is more like ALL MUSIC. You say This is the only kind of music you will listen to - I respect that, but you have to understand there are other types out there. They may not be what YOU like- but you should respect and realize you need to see the big picture not everyone likes your music either. There are isles and isles of music- you cannot hate because its not what you like, you can just chose to not buy those CDs or walk in the other isles, but if you did- you may learn something cool about a type of music you didn't know about before.. That doesn't mean you have to abandon your favorite music.

There is problem #1. Fundamentalism. ANYONE- I MEAN ANYONE who is so submerged in there religion that they think all others are wrong- usually means: you're an asshole. You got to have balance- a little of everything keep an open heart and mind. Fanatics are the most insane people ever. I don't want to dive in on this or it will be a long ass blog, but they are the reason religion gets a bad rap.

At Lego Corporate gig- looking for the Lego Arc!
Atheists... I  get you, I understand you, I respect you. I have one problem. I think too positive for it to work for me- I need to think there is something after this or I will be depressed. I don't have proof and I won't debate you.. You will win every time with me because I will see your points- but I do believe whatever God is, he created the science that you believe. Can we just have respect for each other?

Why am I writing this? Well, since moving to NY at 17 years old- I sat in Times Square and listened to The Black Israelis blame me for 9-11 and all other problems we white people are responsible for, Sat in on a Scientology meeting, listened to an old black man holding a ratty old Bible preach and sing on the subway, followed the Mitzvah Tank, listened to Christian fundamentalists hand out pics of dead babies (this must be what he was talking about loving gods creatures-WE HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS!!) and say I will burn in hell if I don't follow them (very angry, for forgiving people), saw the Jews for Jesus, heard a homeless man predict Armageddon (even though he spoke in tongues- he made the most sense), sat in plenty of mass"s at St. Pats and looked around the times  square church and ended my journey on the subway home listening to music to drown out people.

I am read up on religion- from doing some searching of my own. If you listen closely to these preachers you will hear doubt being covered up by bravado. It seems as though they are questioning themselves I heard the one man yelling JESUS DIED FOR US, RIGHT! But if you break that down it was a bad pronunciation it was more like, JESUS DIED. for us? Right? I mean- I wasn't there- I didn't witness it. I do like the idea of this though.
Even IF Sponge bob is gay-
why would religious people care.
He entertains kids- bottom line!

I was blamed for all of eternity- evil happenings for being white and on the next block was told God will forgive ALL my sins if I go to confession (I don't think that priest know what I apparently done a block ago.. I was to blame for everything from that last guy).

Okay here is another little example of what I'm talking about-
If I tell you I spoke to Jesus last night You would think I'm crazy- put me in a building full of crazy people
If I tell a fundamentalist I spoke to Jesus Last night He would put me in a political office-putting me in a building with a bunch of crazy people... that was a joke.

Head of Toy Science..

I just think people need to practice tolerance. Religion and sports drive me crazy- I love the game... Hate the fans. Just because I grew up rooting for one team does not mean I cant be friends or respect someone who likes a different team. I respect the sport. If your religion makes you a better person to other people- then i like you and your faith. PERIOD.

Alaska 2nd trip

We finally spot Moose and Squirrel

The second Trip Crew Kevin Downey Jr. Marianne Sierk and Pat Brown pose we one of our great Airmen!

We were like little kids. 2nd trip was much colder!

This trip was the same bases as the other one but with a new show. I didnt want to write a new blog so I just will have some cool shots and captions for you the reader.
My kind of bar! I mean.. no it isnt.