Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 2 FLY into Marjuro and Kwajalein

DAY 2: Fly into Majuro then Kwajalein
81 degrees, sunny and cool breeze. That’s what to expect when we land in the marshal islands and that’s what we got. It’s this way all year around. A lady at our gate mentioned there still are bunkers and all sorts of stuff still around but we can’t check them out there are still live bombs.

We landed and had to go through tons of security. As we drove around the island we are told it was up to 1945 they think they got the last Japanese hold out here. He would hide out and shoot at the faries after the war was over. In 1977 they got the last people who didn’t know the war was over. It’s a different world here no internet and only 10 years ago you couldn’t call off the island.

These beaches where bombed to hell and now they are paradise. Where this cross is above is where 5 Marines got left behind on a mission and the Japanese found them and beheaded them.

Rebelly is islander for White people
Sharks hang here, its where they clean the fish
Turtle Pond. We were looking at the turtles and one came out of the water- realized I didn’t have food and puffed at me like gizmo does. There are 2 Green Sea Turtles and 1 Hawksbill Turtle.

 I study the flowers- Downet studies the war... Flowers, hmm very nice
Downey is like a tour guide, he did his homework before he came.
 Turtles: they are everywhere! and below is a "DOWNEY FISH"- the official fish of Hawaii I may add

ABOVE: Japaneses pill box and rocky water front
LEFT: The planes will flip your Golf Cart (PS there is no cars on the island
BELOW: At the Snake Pit

After our tour of the island Downey and I sat at a beach side bar. I felt the water and it was warm. We ordered a phillipeano beer and its funny Kevin and I just sat in total silence soaking in the fact we were here. We both can’t get over how amazing it is historic wise on top of being paradise.
The show as amazing, packed and full of contractors which I had a lot of fun teasing them. We went out and everyone was buying us drinks. It was a great night.

ABOVE: Shore at "The Snake Pit aka ocean view Bar.
LEFT: Gecko lizard are the only lizards on the island.
BELOW: At the show- "whata crowd whata crowd" Mostly contractors.