Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Diego- Last day this blurrs into travel day

Stormy Weather is on its way

Its our last day on the Island.
Another 2 parter
Last show and I know I am going to miss the island, the people the weather (not so much with the rain ruining all our stuff) Kelley our guide and now our new gang member Captain Ed and Captain Stogs! Kevin and I got up real early after last nights show and decided to walk the beach or snorkel. There was a storm coming in the distance so we thought we should stay out of the water. Yesterday was allot of seeing cool stuff and a really great show so we were kind of looking forward to some free time this afternoon to go do the world class fishing exhibition.

Crab Hiding in the sand, not used to having people come up on him.
- We are looking forward to our last day on the island even though we will miss the place. Im not looking forward to travel but I do miss my wife and puppy… I hope they remember what I look like! This trip felt like a year, so much entertaining stuff has gone on, amazing people to meet and learning so much I hope I remember everyday of this trip, it was so eye opening. 

We have free time so we are thinking about sailing, fishing or snorkeling. We have a couple of stops to make and people to meet; I didn’t read the itinerary so these are going to be surprises. 

SEABEAS And Contract Admins.

Seabees: Do you know what the seebees are? I didn’t but they are awesome. Named after the worker bee because they do their job but if threatened it- he will sting your ass. They are considered “Construction Battalion”. Navy guys who follow the marines and basically fix whatever they (the marines) blow up. 

They are always armed and can fight but they are like contractors for the mob-Armed to the teeth while building stuff.

Administrators- They are a bunch of accountants who have the unglorious job of making sure everything is paid for and taken care of. They are very important but no one thinks about them because they don’t have guns.

The Contract specialists

These little red birds rock!


From a distance the Lopez looks like a taker sitting outside, kind of a container ship you would see in  the Jersey Shore area. We had to take a small boat out and go past the Emmory, other "Tanker looking ships"

Passing through- Thats the Emmory

Another Duran Duran moment

USNS LOPEZ Tour was something to open my eyes. I thought the giant ships that where off in the distance where crate ships that haul supplies and containers around. Boy was I wrong. These things are freaking ready for war. They are mostly parking garages waiting for war, armed dangerous and waiting to put our badest asses on land that need to be taken over. 

The Humvee's and Abrams are just waiting to kick ass. We got to play on them like an adult playground! Funny thing it smelled so clean in there they really take good care of these monsters
These things can carry up to 9 million pounds of ammo. The first part is ammo the rest of these things are filled with Abrams tanks, hum-vees and any other weapons you can imagine with amphibious landing boats on top to get them to shore. There is enough stuff on 1 boat to keep a division of marines fed, fueled and armed for around 2 months. This is where Optumus Prime is supposed to be held. These things are floating wars. We had lunch and met some really cool guys. We saw there was a small boat warning so our fishing trip was going to be cancelled. I was kind of upset, everyone kept telling us how awesome the fishing is.
Approaching or leaving.. you pick (Downey)

Do NOT miss a rebound- or your going into the drink after it!

We have free time: No fishing, call the Captain!

When we got back to the rooms and realized we couldn't go fishing so we called the chief (stoggins and met up to go snorkeling. He took us out and even with it being cloudy we saw so many colorful fish. It was amazing. We stayed out as long as possible but we had to get cleaned up for dinner. We had Chief Ed come with and he is going to join us on our flight tonight.

We went to the Captains Club. This is next to it and it is where they bury your first class hat and have a funeral because you are now a captain and say good bye to you as a 1st class.

Captains club enjoying diner for our last night.

Stephan Kruiser, LeighannLord, 
Kelley Harkins, Carol Montgomery, Kevin Downey Jr., Mark Riccadonna

Its not blurry- I am just that drunk.

Right after the show we packed and headed to the Diego Garcia Airport.. Off to sigapore