Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kuwait. Commander Call and Medics

I'm starting to know the Kuwait Airport more than JFK

CHALLENGE COINS: New news- The commander on this base said that the air-force story i wrote about before was not the truth. Its the German Fennel coin and/or The Golden Dragons is where else it came from.
Golden Dragons- in the boxer rebellion 1898 or so was the first time we went overseas as the US military. The Army got a bunch of silver donated to them and they left with Chinese money.. The coins became proof you where there, saw action and did the job. The vets passed them to the new guys who earned them.
Bad ass gun case
The German fennel story is when world war 1 was going on people could buy drinks for 6 fennel. Payday was 1 time a month (when everyone had money everyone buys rounds of drinks. At the end of the month everyone who dropped a fennel on the bar was out of money- the one who didn't have one had to buy a round.


A Visit to the hospital in Arif Jan. I talk about who these people in an earlier post. What a great facility.

These are the guys who showed us around.

Alex Neely a New York Comic who is stationed over here performed and killed! We were so excited- he went up and did 5 min. and blew it up talking about military life.

Our Trophies Today