Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ode to comedy: wrote while flying to the middle east

The microphone is like a sacred extension of my personality. I am trying to be a showman, real, almost possessed- riding the jokes and stories like a horse, pointing in a direction letting the horse (audience) and myself split the work.
A comic can only go so far alone. Every night begins a new journey, finding our way along with an audience. I want to forget the night, more then with just jokes but with stories, but this depends on their willingness to be spell bound.
The show becomes a journey. When you make peace with the audience you become the audience. Finding the audience and your words to become one, attempting to go somewhere new, trying to do something different.
Find it together, reflecting what is going on around us, sharing our fears, insecurities together. The audience wants to feel they are a part of whats going on on stage..

Love cannot save you from your fate, which is up to you. I think the audience is a communal celebration- we are together even after the show is over- there is a feeling you take with you whether you are a performer or audience member- a glow, if it is done right a tainted sadness if you go to far. We walked to the edge took a look over to see what was over there. I prefer not to go over but just peek and imagine.
It could make a difference, even if the message in the show was "to be happy and love each other", because you never know when you are giving your last performance.