Friday, August 17, 2012


The Drivers here suck- You will see cars all smashed up on the side of the road. They are so rich, when they break down they will just let it sit on the side of the road and get a new car.
It is a 2 hour travel day both ways - It was also a sandstorm so we didn't get to do to much when we got on base.
Palace in the background

This base was pretty much the mothership in the Iraq war- its also where allot of action went down during that war. Now it is one of the smaller Kuwait bases (in Comparison to Arif Jan).

2 hours of this view

Commander Call was great- this is an awesome crew out of The Carolinas
These guys still patrol the borders and still have a risk doing so. They showed us around the Humvees and guns they use

Two of our bravest

We spent most of the day in the USO Club because of the sand storm and we moved the show into the movie theater instead of the outdoor area. great move- it was packed and Air Conditioned! I will write a separate blog about the USO Clubs history.

We were presented with a Plaque on stage- to the right was one of the bases own "Ricky Bobby" who made his comic debut tonight and killed talking about his recruiter and doughnuts!

We do love the MWR- Thank You for Allowing us the chance to come over!