Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ramadan Feast!

Lets Talk Food In Bahrain during Ramadan:

Lets Start with Desserts: Custards and figs galore. You May Not get to eat all day but when you do You eat! We sat around for at least 2 hours eating and laughing! I swear you would think these folks where Italian.. Just as likly to find a dark hair in the food

Meats and cheeses lamb, goat beef.. so much it was unbelievable. There was mint lemon water spices I never Heard of and I never asked questions I just tried it.. I also was never disappointed with the food.

Coffee was great with warm milk. Desserts and I had to have 1 last lamb chop before we left.

I highly Doubt Hip Hop Lives Here
American Alley
We went downtown to see some culture- because of Ramadan almost everything was closed until 6:30.

We hit the beach
Carole touched the water

Water slide in Parking Garage

The Mall: I love the Ramadan Lanterns
More Pastries- its only open for to go orders
Gun Shaped Soap: For the infidel you need to remove

Best Sellers: theres a Saddam Book.. Bin Laden Book and yes there is Hitler