Monday, October 25, 2010

Diego Garcia day 2 Part 2

Diego Day 2 part 2

Captain Rucker gave an amazing tour

 “GO BIG LAND!” that’s the battle call for our boys and girls on the USS EMMORY S. LAND: CMC (Command Master Chief) Rucker- looks like my buddy Jason. He ran us a tour of the Ship (never say boat- boats go on ships.. I learned the hard way) it was an awesome tour. He was funny, charismatic, interesting and full of information. We saw all the inner workings of the Emmory in about 2 hours (I should say what we need to see). It is a “Green Ship” meaning they take care of all their own stuff and they have been that way for over 15 years. The ship can make in their shops anything they or a submarine would need. We saw the home of twelve hundred people; the HELO LANDING Area, a 1950’s dinner that won 4 awards for their food and atmosphere, ate purple yam ice cream (tastes like cake batter), Gym, Laundry and can tend up to 4 subs on each side at once (8 subs total), they can build, repair anything on a sub (floating shop class, decompression chamber and explained how an address works on a ship and so much more.
Here is where they "Stear" the ship
Helicopter landing pad

Don't touch that Kevin!!!

View from Captains Seat

I wouldn't trust us on the Ship.

Captain Merrill and his crew "Go Big Land"

LEFT: EMMORY S. LAND painting behind the captain- He built this baby

LEFT BELOW: The Library

 This Ship was commissioned in the late 70’s I believe. It is one of 2 Sub tending ships around but is the only one who has civilians and Navy personnel on board at all times. The Ship was built by Emory Scott Land. He built most ships it seems. The head man, the big cheese was an amazing guy Commanding Officer: Captain Merril. He started as a submariner in the 80’s and now has a huge office in the Emmory. He Reminded me allot of Dr. Drew, very mellow and cool.

I'm posing with the bad guy from scooby doo! Zoinks!

Show time- The shows are great I think we all enjoy the sailors, Rucker gave such a great tour, The navy police where amazing, hung out with the k-9's and saw the B-52s- today was worth being exhausted at the show. Captain Rucker Presented us with Hats and Photos of the Emmory- this was so awesome. 

We found out there is a transvestite on the island who is a local celebrity named yum yum. I maybe the only comic on the show not making fun of yum yum, I don’t need killed in the middle of the night by a Philippiano transvestite. The show was great, I love working with Armed forces entertainment and the MWR. Kelley really keeps us busy which i like allot. After the shows we end up loaded and eating in the island room. What a great gig and great day.