Tuesday, October 12, 2010

South Pacific. Hawaii day 1

 SOUTH PACIFIC TOUR: Day 1 Hawaii. This is a very amazing tour- allot of places little to no people get to see some of these places.
   6Am WAKEY WAKEY! Kevin downey Jr. stayed over and my lovely bride drove us to JFK to catch a plane to NY to La then LA to Hawaii. I was excited, nervous and knew I would Miss Angie and our new puppy Gizmo. Ill do a Write up on Gizzy during the week.

I sat next to an old couple from Brooklyn, but before I get to that the walk on to the plane was nothing but hysterical because every stereo type was met upon boarding. The first class people alone made it all worth while- the rest was just extra.

Kevin getting Laid! LAYED either way..
I saw swelled mouths of old rich Jewish women I saw men that was making Mickey Rourke look amazing. Over tanned, over muscled and too much plastic surgery and not enough body hair. The old couple started dating when they where in 8th grade and after graduating they went there separate ways and both got married to other people (the same month). 40 some years later her husband died and his wife died low and behold they ran into each other (both moved to long island 20 miles from each other) and now are dating again. They are going to his nephews wedding in RENO. They where as sweet as people can be, that 6 hours flew by.
Well enough about that flight. The Hawaii flight I was next to a baby, I thought this was going to be trouble. He turned out to be awesome. The baby just chilled, napping then playing it was a great trip. His father was one of the nicer people I ever met. His wife is still in the military and he retired from the military because of MS and he is a full time dad. what a great father too.
 SS Lake Erie: Cruisers- best ships and across from where we are staying.. wait is that Battleship Row.. YEP!

Here is where we are staying.. yes Pearl Harbor. Joint Base Pearl Harbor- Hickam. AMAZING

 I LOVE IT HERE: oddly enough  I have two friends that are here but couldnt meet up. Jenn is Hiking and Nelson is shooting Hawaii 5-0
 The gang assembled- I was wearing my Magnum PI shirt so you know what I am thinking. I am sellack. Carol is Robin, Legihan is TC (not cus she is black because she would be offended to be rick.. look at his clothes) Steven is Rick and Downey is Higgins.  At Lunch we did wings.. wait Downey and I do "Wings Across America" Letas judge these things. Here is my score-the beer pronounced Y Lu a Beer was great- the wings... a fancy place to go for average wings..
Erica is our Guide: this pic is Downey Carol, Me, Legihan, Erica, Steven
The Plane to Take on Japs..
 Kevin and I enjoy a "Pearl Harbor" drink in Pearl Harbor, The show was great everyone was so cool. We met up with a bunch of cool guys but the one dude we kept calling Giraldo (He looked ALOT like Greg) He ends up Taking us on a tour of Battle ship Row. We got a security breach and had to leave- sorry no pics- they had to be earased. He showed us a thing they call R2D2 which is the protector of the cruiser, the 5inch gun which is a very bad ass gun in front of the boat.
 We sat outside of our placeThe Hawaii Regional Combined Bachelors Quarters.. We drank beers met some cool guys and enjoyed a LATE HAwaii night- next flight 5AM
Pearl Harbor-We were at Battleship Row, where the Japanese bombed our biggest battleships. I took a pic of a sailor named Cody in his Little Kings shirt. We got kicked off for taking that pic. A black sailor in a white uniform watched us through binoculars. Cody’s ship is called Chosin. It’s a CG, (cruiser, guided missile). It has 2, 5 inch guns, one forward one aft. One of which is fired by a man everyone on the boat makes fun of. Cody refers to him as Faux-hawk because of his fake Mohawk, which is a non-regulation haircut for the navy.  There was a tall, gay cook that got in trouble because he refuses to shower on board. He went 70 days without a shower. His bunk area reeks. Cody caught him making out with a guy who apparently cares little for personnel hygiene, (that means Big Gay Nick has a shot).