Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Travel Home from Kosovo w/ Stop in Vienna

Travel Home from Kosovo

Here is a map at the airport This is to show where Kosovo is. Not Alot of folks know really where it is

Day 10
4 AM we are loading up the van and getting ready to head to the airport. I was thinking about last night while I was at the gym the guy who ran everything was from Kosovo and me and him got along very well. He was proud to tell me all the famous people who are Albanian.

· James (Jim) Belushi- American Actor

· Tony Dovolani - Dancing With The Stars

· John Belushi -American Actor

· Ledina Çelo - model, singer

· Eliza Dushku - American actress

· Marie Logoreci - actress, singer, director

· Peter Malota

· Enver Gjokaj - American actor

· Mother Teresa - Roman Catholic nun

· Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani - was an important, influential and Islamic scholar

· Pope Clement XI - Pope

· John Cena - profesional wrestler

· Regis Philbin – television

Then he invited me to his mothers house for dinner tomorrow but we had to leave in the morning. I thought that was one of the nicest things I ever was offered. He gave me a list of great Albanian food to try when I got back to Ny:



FLI- with honey, cheese and sour cream.

I can’t wait to try it- I think I had burek at a little place by my old apartment on 37th street.

On the way to the airport there was a wild horse running in the streets
As we drove to the Airport Sergeant Maples Started telling me a story about when he was stationed in Germany they would have to set up Convoys on the Autobahn and there would be fifty or so NATO and US vehicles traveling along the autobahn in a row and they wouldn’t go to fast because they where big and allot of them so they put hazards on and stayed in the right lane.

Germans are known for making great vehicles but not making great drivers. They all think they are great drivers. They said every convoy at least one person would screw up crash into them and die. That’s not good odds on these German folks. Motorcycles would slam into a giant 16-wheeler ant there wouldn’t be much of a trace at 200mph. A BMW flying down the highway and not be able to stop in time would drive right under a MWRAPs back tiers making them a metal pancake.

One time they where driving and they just heard “boom” a beamer slammed into the back of the rig so they pulled over and called the German police. The man in the NATO truck was a medic so he went to work. Driver didn’t have a chance he was as flat as a Frisbee, the two in the back where butt ass naked and was going at it during the wreck. The girl was banged up (no pun intended) but ok. The guy was hurt and unconscious so the medic did what he could. He had to do mouth to mouth and try and revive him. The cops showed up and started to investigate everything. Turns out the guy are one of Germanys most wanted for… ready for this. Mass Murder, he has AIDS- knows it and is trying to give it to every man and women he can. The women starts freaking out and the NATO guys tease the medic for years about this he turned out all right. We don’t know about the women.

We checked in at the airport and off to Vienna via Austrian Airlines. Austrian airways are amazing they brought food or drink every hour. At one point I refused and the stewardess nodded no still handing it to me. I realized why it what a chocolate croissant and it was amazing. All the food they served was great, sorry comics you will have to stop the hacky airline food jokes.

I tried to catch up on sleep I was looking forward to seeing Angie and getting home. The people sitting next to me was a mother and daughter going to the states for vacation. 5 days NYC, 5 days San Francisco, 2 in Vegas, 4 days looking around national parks and 3 in LA. They seemed so excited; I was excited for them and tried to give them tips in NY for fun cheap stuff. I wished them the best of luck and safe travels and hope America seduces them like Europe did for me.