Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 6 Travel and Show


Up and early, well I slept in today and got up around 7:45 I didn’t do much just listened to some Larry Miller and Dennis Miller. What’s with the Millers and comedy to me? I did a couple push ups, don’t worry not many and half where girly style. I have been drinking beers from the motherland I would have liked to come back with out gaining a billion pounds.

Spy plane down
The ATEAM is at the gig

I packed my stuff and head toward the bus. “On the road again” should be the theme, because we are traveling to Wiesbaden today.

The hotel is an Army Hotel/Apt setting is very big and the rooms are suites.. NICE. We ate at an Italian joint in the hotel and got ready to do Radio and TV for AFN (Armed Forces Network). Wiesbaden is more what I thought of when we came to Germany, Cool Industrial feel. On the way to base to do radio there was a Plane wreck (1st in 40 years) and we drove by where it happened. The base is being renovated 40 billion dollars I think, part underground. It was great the interviews where fun as hell and the interviewer knew us from BOB base in Iraq. He is a VERY cool dude.

Cold frosty dark german beers

Carol and bill Montgomery

Working dogs and Women get a nice ad for biz

This is a German womens room... Is there something wrong about this?! There are stereo types for a reason

At the show we had a group of guys who saw us in IRAQ come out to the show! Bill Montgomery (no relation to carol) couldn’t have been nicer, and the crowd couldn’t have been hotter. They where just amazing and we hung out with them till past midnight hit some food and back to the hotel. We have a long day tomorrow.