Sunday, February 7, 2010

Werewolves Aco 3/227 AVN

This is our Black Hawk Crew: Werewolves

The Helecopters always flies in two. Kelly, the man in charge up front is a Steelers fan. (oh course so is the Colonel, Kruiser and I). This is his custom SIXburgh Helmut.

The Gunmen
These are both sets of Gunners. These guys are bad ass! The second pic is the guys in my chopper. and the man standing in in the second pic had the monster mask (below).

The wolf mask is awesome, imagine looking up a a black hawk and a 50cal pointing at you and this is the face behind it..

 Its Very Rare to get to go up to a chopper with the blades not swinging. Thank god these guys where at the show.
We are getting loaded in. These are the guys who flew us to and from The Korean Village so they got to stay for the show. A great way to become friends with pilots is do a show for them where you reference them as much as possible, get photos with them and then on the flight back get a hold of your head phones and crack as many jokes as possible without pissing them off. They told me their favorite people they flew around were Willie Nelson and Chuck Norris. I was laughing out loud, Pilot Carlos Montos had us laughing with jokes and everyone started joining in, fat jokes, mom jokes and ripping on each other. They where so open and cool and we even got the Colonel in on it.
Above is the guy I blamed for rippin it! This was the best flight ever.
I am a werewolf now, they gave me a patch and now I feel like I’m one of the gang. What sealed the deal is while in flight I let one go and the two-army guys by me looked around to see who did it. (They don’t have head phones) so I tell the crew over the headset and they turned and looked and lost it.

This will be A day Ill never forget and Ill probably have my patch framed and am proud to be an honorary werewolf. Here are the crew we flew with, Mr. Kelly and Mr. Chattaway gunners: SPC Boles and SSG Bart. With us it was CPT Van Kleeck and gunners were SSG Watson and SPC Harris.