Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leaving the middle east.

The last day was hard, I couldn't stay up to watch the super-bowl, I was was to tired. Stephen put it on and I was passed out. I fact I slept so much Stephen woke me up for breakfast. We all sat together and reminist about the week, the highs and lows. I got very sentimental and sad thinking this was it. Colonel and I went to the gym and I packed. Our Last gig was Arijan right outside Kuwait City.
Is it me or does the Kuwaiti highways look like the Jersey Turnpike? Thats the look of money.
 When we met security up front I got very sad, I started to see how it would be hard to be a soldier and have to adjust and come home. I think I would have liked the military life, its very exciting and you cut out the bull crap and work, workout, relax and have free time. You live on a schedule, it very sufficient. If I would be younger and not in the arts I think i would like it.

Its the last show:
We had a radio interview about the tour and went to the hall. We were presented with another plaque and coin. I felt so honored. I wasn't to sure about how I felt about the show because some of my time was cut do to getting to the airport but after we got mobbed like the Beatles.

Will brought the Pup!! This dog is so gentle but I wouldn't want to see him mad, he is a "very German" Shepard! I would not like to meet him in the US!?!

To the airport
This was a crazy time the drive was mixed emotions, I was happy to get home but sad to leave. Saying goodbye to the security team was tough, they where such good guys, in the week we hung out I felt close to them. Will our driver told us how weird some of the Kuwaiti people are and how they are not nice to the Philippine people who come into work for them and the role women play in their society.
Brad and Dave are going to meet up with us in the states when they return. Brad is "The Jersey Guy" I was talking about earlier. He lives in Hackensack and we are going to meet in the city.
 One of me and Stephens Proudest moments is when everyone got involved in our DURKA game where you use the word durka in any form like how the smurfs do with "SMURF". Everyone on the trip used it in a movie quote or a song title.Also somehow through out the trip through the airport Conti ended up finding us even after we went through security. Im tired of using my hands, Ill carry the bag with my head thank you.

Loading into the plane I realized, I won't see Colonel for a while. I am hoping we catch a Steelers game next season and I also hope to go back. The Colonel is such a great man and is an example of a true patriotic, military guy. He was serious with his work and always had control but good enough at what he does to have an amazing sense of humor. More people should strive to be like him. I hope to take allot away from this trip and his drive, work ethic, scents of humor and joy of life is something that will stick with me.

My Impression of Kieth Oberman, I need to crumple paper up and throw it at the camera and say Its been 1 day since Mark said: Mission Accomplished.. Goodnight and good-luck.