Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 5 Falcon(former Raiders) and Nasir Wa Salam

 So I want to start this with Letting you know The Armed Forces Entertainment was started in 1951, this is a tradition of entertainment or our warriors class only next to the USO, which started 10 years earlier.

We went to load into the black hawks. We went to the landing area and the air traffic controllers wanted to know if we wanted to check out the tower? My dad works ATC so we decided to go up, great view and carol fell on the steps and bruised her knees (explain that one to Todd-her husband- "performing for the troops hey.." wink, wink!!) On the bright side she may get a purple heart, injured in a combat zone.

Excuse me whats that? Durka Durka.. Nintendo Wi? What?

Thats right ICE MAN Im Dangerous.

Arrive to Camp Falcon: It was a former Raider Camp. Lt. Colonel of the base had a meet and great and gave us coins to have us remember Falcon. He was awesome, he reminded me of Don Rickles on Steroids. He told us we were the first show they had in a year. People kept cancelling on them. Their rights outside Baghdad allot of civilians work there and their population is around 2000.

The show was on an outdoor basketball court next to a softball field in the middle of the base and it was amazing, they filled a bunch of bleachers and set out green room up as a bomb shelter with green sandbags. The show was amazing, maybe 400 peeps showed up.This is our Green room right Next to The Stage.

Ok so I'm like the chubby Bob Hope.

After the show I got a very nice surprise. A friend from high school who also lives about 2miles from my parents came over to me and said hi! It was unbelievable- he changed so much, grew a foot or two and grew into a man. Mike Creed was a neighbor, fellow football player, offensive lineman, I graduated with his sister and we met up outside Baghdad. How small is this world.

Riccadonnas Angels.. PS anyone notice Carol is way to excited everytime she touches a gun!! This is Felicia Micheals, Carol Montgomery and Leighan Lord.

We went to the mess hall, little known thing. Christmas 2004 the dinning hall had a backpack bomber, so that’s why there are no bags in the mess. Also You have to check your weapon every time you enter a building (by check you point gun towards the sand and clear the chamber).

Now we are off to JJS Nasir Wa Salam and in the black hawk I got to sit in the gunners seat. This is am amazing view. We saw some smoking building and checked it out. The Black Hawks are some really cool Choppers. A pilot told me when they get hit by gun fire it sounds like pop corn.

As soon as we landed in Camp we could see men and only men ran this. It’s a shared camp where they train Iraqi soldiers. Lieutenant Kay was a big man who came across as scary but ended up being as nice as can be. These guys had a giant Motor pool and allot of Mechanics. There were no women on base.

As Kruiser put it: This is just Mark Being Mark. I was so excited to see tanks, this wasnt a tank but a Striker with turett.
The Show was in the Cafeteria, It was by far the dirtiest show we did this week, they where loving dirty Jokes. When The Show was over we went to Lt. Kays office and talked about family life, how comics and soldiers have a simular life with wives and kids and the road. This was a great night and everyone was so tiered. We have a crazy day tommorow so when we got home we all went to bed on the early side.

I'm in bed, right at the out of it and about to fall deep into sleep when something wakes me up. I come to and almost in slow motion I see the door to Steven, Colonel and me Bunker open and two figures walk in, one has a mag light, one has a red light and they flash it at the colonel and at Steven, I don’t know what’s going on so I slowly spring up (if that makes sense to you) and the guy says don’t worry we are here for the meeting tomorrow, we were supposed to get in early today. I almost crapped my pants. The election is coming up and there is all kind of action going on. We also maybe closing some base’s so all the big wigs are getting together.