Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DAY 2 Kuwait City


Our day started out Nice and easy, 9:30 breakfast and work out in a class act gym. After the work out we took a walk on the beach.. The Persian Gulf, Its smell and Polluted but it’s the smell of money! Kuwait City Radisson gets thumbs up. It’s very expensive because it’s all oil expense accounts (why Radisson Youngstown stays open). We hit the road by 11:00. Our security team is unbelievable. Not only are they the nicest guys in the world they are the best at what they do.
Felicia was sick and couldn’t join us so Leighann, Steve, Carol and myself met up with Colonel Shock, Will the driver, Will (the dog handler), Conti and Brad. We loaded u in our SUVs and headed for Base- CAMP BEUHRING.

Drivers in Kuwait make Queens look organized, We saw two wrecks vehicles and it looked bad!

Upon arrival at Beuhring we met Lei tenet Colonel Naugher who along with Captain Moore and Captain Prince gave us an orientating.

We felt like what it would be like to roll in a hum-vee, shoot 50 cal. And M16s. AWESOME!! Thats us Being Trained With the 50 Cal.

We toured all through the base, saw the mess hall, barracks the PX and so on. We drove around the camp wich is half the size of LA and pop.3500.

Lt. Col. Naugher, Mark Riccadonna, Liegann, Carol, Stephen, Col. Ed Shock
We Got Certificates and Watched an awesome Video about the history of The Camp.

The Thingie in the background is where they Strap you in Fully Armoured  like there SUVs and then Flip you over and over. It makes Rollercoasters look like kiddie land.

I dont mean to brag but I hadthe most kills in the shooting simulator. 13.. yep 13kills.

The mess hall Right before Showtime at the USO THEATRE

The show was unbelievable- Standing room in the back. I noticed the crowd was mostly out of Alabama and Minnesota. We did a signing after the show and these guys lined up and wanted autographs and pics. It was such an amazing audience and amazing response. The military is easily the best audience anyone could hope for. PS- they where thanking us for coming (I am so happy to be here as a thank you to them). They are humble and proud, the best of the best, our protectors and warriors. I have never felt so much pride and patriotism in my life!

This is the only Marines on the base Fresh From Penaltin! The Young Blonde dude in the back got a call right after the show and found out he was a dad! I thought it would be nice to pose seductively after Stephen Made fun of me for being the girl of the group.

This is Will (the Dog Handeler) and Brad Brad makes the secrete service look like mall cops. We didnt know he was with us until we got to the hotel. He runs point. We watched him run some dude off the road who tried passing on the shoulder, he is the man. Dont let his smile fool you.