Thursday, February 4, 2010

DAY 3 Touring this Joint

These are Russian tanks, the turret isn’t fastened down so when they where blown up the tops popped off! They are located right outside Sadam Palace (Victory over IRAN)

.The domed building is “The Perfume Palace” that is where Sadam kept his slave prostitutes.. Under age slave Prostitutes.

You can't believe the damage that has been done here. 
The building is amazing "looking" They said he liked to make it look expensive but the walls where stuffed with paper! I got to have a little (unofficial tour) Im not sure if I was allowed to go in but it was awesome.


The Flintstone village was built for Sadams grandkids… Auuhh isn’t that a sweet grandpa, well he built them because he felt bad about killing his son in law AKA there dad


The rooms are huge here! They had artists come in and outline everything and paid cheaper guys to come in and paint by number.

There are only four murals left of Sadam, that’s me giving him the bird!

At night we did a show It was awesome 300 plus soldiers. Everyone stuck around and we got to talk to the soldiers for a few hours. We were then interviewed for Armed Forces Entertainment and a couple news papers.
The people started to come in. by show time it was packed, standing room only. BELOW The peeps at the meet and greet.