Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ISA: Air base in Bahrain

Here we are at The Tree of Life

I was severely hung over but nothing a greasy burger and shake from A&W couldn’t cure. I ate “The All American Meal” in the Middle East. I was hurting but after the food a quick swim and a nap made me ready to go. We drove to ISA base and like the Bahrain base no photos so sorry for not having allot of info like the other blogs.
There was on stretch with heavy security and chain linked fences I think it was a prison but whatever it was it was intimidating.
We drove through some towns then down a long stretch of dessert- but you could see the ocean it was pretty cool- The sun was starting to lower and the dessert felt interesting almost movie like..

 It had allot of refineries I think Gulf is located here. Everything is names after Gulf. But refinery after drill site, tanks and tanks of oil.. It reminded me of the NJ Turnpike.

I am so fascinated with how different everything is. I don't think I spoke on the drive I just stared out the window.

The beginning of time started here


Call from the cops!
We played Shaikh ISA airbase: After Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait August in 1990, coalition forces came to the area (Operation Desert Shield). Sheik Isa was inundated with military aircraft. Close to 200 some US aircraft filled this base- wish I coulda seen it- F-4Gs, F-18s, AV-8Bs, A-6Es, EA-6Bs, KC-10s while the base transformed into a small city of 12,000 military personnel.

Carole Montgomery

Folks Kevin Downey Jr.

The audience was really fun.

Getting a picture with his wife.. What an awesome Idea. wish i thought of it!

At the meet and great after, its supposed to go on the back of a vehicle but with the men to women ratio on base- This is going to get a ton more looks..

This man here is a friend of my Dads

You may recognize this guy from a video where the singer of the band tried to get him to sing "Country Road"..
After the show we were chatting and this is so amazing, you wouldn't believe it. He is the fire chief at the Youngstown airbase and knows who my Dad is AND knows his car!!
We called my dad to tell him he saw me 6000 miles away.

Got an amazing... Large Coin! I am very proud of that
The meet and great was awesome- allot of very cool guys on the base.
Gas station /Diner in Bahrain.. Middle Eastern Sheets

Me Coming Back to the hotel.. hung over, tired and listening to the same 3 songs in Muzak.. They have Whitney Houston, Bryan Adams and Ray Price on a loops 24hours a day.