Thursday, September 1, 2011

Leaving The US again

The Empire State Building over looks my Alma matter The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

About a week out I realized I was heading out again.. I should have been better prepared- I spent most of the summer collecting Lip Balm to take over for the guys. It was in my head but I wasn't focusing on time line and with the hurricane Irene strike I think I was all over the place mentally. I took a long walk this afternoon and really thought about what is important to me, to family and to people I know.. This blog post is just random thoughts getting ready to leave for the middle east.

I've been giggin allot Raising Lip Balm to take over to our guys in the middle est.

I was on the road almost the entire summer- from Savanna to Northern Vermont and the Canadian Border. I put miles in the old odometer, and raised lip-balm, worked with great friends: Kevin Downey Jr. Tim Gonzolas, Carole Montgomery, Spanky, Dena Blizzard and some other awesome people that made this summer fly by. I think how important t is to go over and try and make these guys smile- I also think about my wife and family that I'll miss. Its always woth it- I love doing these trips more than anything.
 Got to get my American stuff in:

American Food
American Cars.. well Italian American

American racism.. on the highway he was in blackface.
Would Like to Thank Doug Hildemann, J.R. Watkins, Honest Tea and Burts Bees for an amazing donation of over 1400 total lip balms I will be taking over to the middle east to give to our boys! This trip will be cool, Im taking lip balm, shirts and bumper stickers to hand out after the shows!
Watching Magnum PI season 5
Gizmo is a fan too

BBQ back at the parents before I head out

Mike and Tom See me off at my local watering hole