Friday, September 16, 2011

Djiboti day 3: Show 2

The Pirate Pelicans
 Got up and had serious laundry to do- I keep forgetting  its 120 degrees. I am enjoying myself and meeting so many amazing people I forget I am soaking my clothes with sweat.

Our morning wasn't to bad, I got to get allot done before we headed out. First we met with The Sea Bees- They where out on the field working in this heat- they are mad men!
Fighting Sea Bees
Sea Bees in Action.. or a break!

Opps knocked the cooler over

The black Flag is flying which means HOT OUT TODAY!

P-3 Pilots, crew and staff- these guys are really the world police

We are now friends with George Clooney AKA David Butts
 I wrote before about the P-3 and their importance in the El-Salvador and The Mad Foxes- so I won't re write it. These guys released the foxes and where the ones who made a huge bust I read about in the news! A group of guys who are this officiant, work so well with other countries and this important- you think would be slightly cocky- nope amazing cool guys! VP-45 Rocks

Pirate Pelicans!

 Tusker Beer is the local beer.
Kenya Breweries was founded in 1922 by two white settlers, George and Charles Hurst.The company is owned by the Dodd family of Kenya. By 1990, most of the shareholders were Kenyan and the company was very successful.

The Dijbouti people range from Nice to very evil. Obviously The guys that work here are the nicest people you can meet .
The Afar group. These are some of the most violent groups in the world, and one Afar man gave the famous quote, "It is better to die than to live without killing", referring to killing other people! To become a man in the Afar tribe, you'd have to kill a man from a rival tribal group and bring back his body as proof,  if you visit the region of where Ethiopian, Eritrea and Djibouti all meet, you'll need a lot of money and an armed escort.
Katsy Chappel was great on the shows

Rock Hudson.. yep his real name
Djibouti is about the size of New Jersey, the base here gives easy access to both Yemen and Somalia. Vendors are sell khat, very popular to chew with effects similar to cocaine.

Such a great night.

This is Maddid, Downey and Findlay the coolest peeps to hang with