Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bahrain- Day 2: we going to a Party

Bahrain- not allot of color but great people!
I slept like a baby... meaning woke up and wanted a bottle and I shit myself twice... I was so beat  And I am again tonight- man i wanna sleep. The heat and booze takes it right out of you.
 I was Up early and did the gym and pool. I was starving but afraid to leave- It is not dangerous here- I just was afarid finding my way back.

COOLEST THING I EVER SEEN: This was the end of the night with our new friends we met at the pool-
Our friend- Mikah Doing what got his street cred! He had to memorize this with out forgetting or studdering- the drunker we got him the clearer he did it!
Pool day time: Hot as hell
Hotel Bar is nice!

I woke up and Hit Gym, Steam, hot tub and pool- so those people in the commercial That say you do more in the army by 10Am then most do in a day are full of crap because the "Military bar" wasnt open and serving us by 10AM.

 I loved laying out- the guy who ran the gym could not be nicer- I was calling him Arabic Mike Burton. He reminded me of a close buddy Mike Burton.

Thease are just the cubans

We aren't to sure if we can wonder but the bar has a whole humidor of CUBAN STOGGIES! I can't wait for a smoke and cocktail. We stopped at The BBQ the Base was throwing and watched a fun Canadian band. They were allot of fun. Mike Jones Showed us around Jeff was running today's events
Yo Judah- These belts are- UFC championship belts on display.. at the bar

Hitting the hotel bar.. Downey on heavy bag
Met some really awesome Bahrainian and Saudi people made me think.....  how do people hate middle eastern people and Muslims just because they are muslim... because of a few bad ones... That is like Hating Black people because Of the Bloods and Crips- Thats just Racist... Oh wait that's Exactly what that is... STOP BEING RACISTS- these dudes rock! People who say shit like bomb them all let god sort them out should really be getting worried... Start sweating most seriel killers and mass murders are white- do you all need to die!?

There was a great car show a band and we ate and laughed. After a while we headed back to the hotel- After the girls danced and became the life of the party and kevin and I sang old time rock and roll.
The CPO's were inducting the chosen and they went through hell the last month. They did a pie in the fave contest and a dunk tank... Stoggs!!! You gotta come back for this!
There were 30some cars and a ton of Harleys. It was really cool.

Remake of Speed racer
Is little james here

Mustang sally

You got dunked!
Pie Face

Bahrainian Winnie the poo

American Alley
After the show Downey and I got a bottle of vodka... after getting a ration card and a mixer and headed to our amazing pool bar. We met a couple great Navy guys and hung with them till closing time- You met Mikah. We hung out ate and drank and I left to head back. What a great town- what a great group of people!
I heard Garth Brooks- low places... and started laughing- I never heard the lyrics... He tough talks a dude drinking Champagne.. Thats not tough at all.

This is a bar- I imagine its the bat cave

Dish sprayer for your ass

Irving hiding

Got a parting gift from the gang!

 I am really looking forward to tomorrows show and meeting with friends.