Friday, September 9, 2011

Kuwait: Arifjan to Buering.. guns

Getting our shots!

These lip balms are heading to Afghanistan for the guys
We ate breakfast and found out we needed Malaria pills and shots for yellow fever. Luck the head of our security got strings pulled and it worked out.. Yellow fever eats your liver.. I think Downey and I are safe from that.. The Yellow fever would come in our bodies and bet someone already got to it. These shots had to be powerful my arm was pulsating 2 hours after. We missed a commander call but will do it early tomorrow.

Like to Thank J.R. Watkins for donating Lip Balm!

 Before I left for The Middle East I started Donating and collecting Lip-balm Its the #1 thing guys in the dessert ask for
Our 13:30 (1:30 in the afternoon) Before we go we are going to meet some great Arifjan guys at The Garrison Commanders Office got canceled. Luckily we are doing it tomorrow afternoon. The shots took longer than expected.


Camp Arifjan: located south of Kuwait City, and west of the Shuaiba Port (Military Sea Port of Debarkation/Embarkation, or SPOD) and Kuwait Naval Base (KNB). Funded by The Kuwait government it is an Army base which accommodates elements of the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Military from the UK, Ausies, Romania and Poland are deployed here.  Its a two hour Drive to Buehring

Kuwaite NASCAR
We go to Camp Buering, as I remember it is a big
base. It about a two hour drive from Arifjan (where we are staying). I look forward to the drives- It is what you think when you think of The Middle East. A huge dessert with the giant oil refineries and sites with sparse towns that looks well to do.
98% of Kuwaitis population live in Kuwait City.
These people drive like animmals
We took a convoy of SUV’s from base to base.  I love traveling this way- you see the security guys working and knowing everything that is happening. It’s the same security we had 2 years ago- our good friend Contee and crew. Our Driver was telling us allot of interesting info: When You get married in Kuwait you get a free house and 10,000 dinar.. (1 dinar =3bucks) and there are 10,000 members in the royal family.. They get 6,00 dinar every year after Ramadan to take a vacation. Also when a boy is born they 75dinar a month… by the time they are old enough to go out on their own they are loaded. Kuwaitis don’t work they make their money from all the oil money they have.
There were dead animals on the side of the road. Nomads heard Lambs, Camels and Goats when they die they leave the carcasses there for wild dogs. In Saudi Arabia if you hit a camel in the day time with your car you will be arrested, if its at night it is the herders fault. Our Driver knows a semi driver who plowed over 10 camels.. It’s a good thing it was daylight.

16:00 (4:00) We go to Buerings Commander Call.
Commander Jimmy Thomas out of Oklahoma briefed us and presented us with plaques. This is the Training and Staging base before you head into Iraq or Afghanistan. Just sitting 15-20 miles from the Iraqi border, Iraqis are not allowed into Kuwait. We gave allot of the lip balm donated to us to Commander Jimmy to give the guys who get deployed.

Leaving For Buering was a long drive in a very hot sun.
Some History we learned about: Camp Buehring is in the northwestern region of Kuwait.It used to be known as Camp Udairi. It is where you go before heading into IRAQ. The name of base changed in Oct of 2003 named after Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Buehring was killed in Baghdad. Buehring was one of the highest ranking U.S. casualties of the Iraq War.
The areas surrounding Camp Buehring, known as the Udairi Range, are largely uninhabited, but for a few nomadic Bedouin tribes raising camels, goats, and sheep and getting that milkshake out of the ground.

I'm not lying- I am a really great shot with the big boys- Very accurate... Not so much with the M-16s and M-4s

I was 80% with the 50cal and like15% with this M-16

We shoot guns and eat.. I really should have joined up.

19:00 We do the show. Shows here are much later because of work (obviously) but also because of the heat. I noticed when we got here last night the intermuat sport teams were playing late at night, I think if they played in the day they would melt.

Get your Burts Bees here!

Back by 23:30 to our home The Drive was long and I was exhausted but couldn't sleep. Thank God football was on.