Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Gunner was a dog who was one of my favorites but I had to let my grandparents take... for his sake. When I moved to NY my roommates and I decided we wanted a dog. When I say “we” I mean “they pet him once in a while and I train him, walk him feed him and so on”. We went to the pound and there wasn’t any small dogs and our place we needed a small dog. I was so sad because I wanted a pup. The lady behind the counter saw how bad I wanted a dog and gave me her number and said to call she had a dog who had pups. It turned out to be a Chihuahua that was raised by cats.
This was one of the funniest dogs ever. We set him up with an awesome dog house. Over the next month people were missing things and when we cleaned out his dog house we found rings, earrings, lighters, a pack of cigarettes and an old corncob pipe(don’t ask).
He seemed like a happy dog and always loved cuddling with me (only time he pooped was in my roommates room or on our walks) and on his last day at our place in the middle of a conversation with my parents, grandparents and roommates he walked right over looked right at up at Tom the roomate... Then lifted his leg on Toms leg and walked away like nothing happened.
The reason we had to give him up is because when my grandparents would come over and he wouldn’t leave them alone. Sitting on grandmas lap, following her everywhere (sitting outside the bathroom door when she would be inside) and the worst was when she would leave he would sit by the window and wine for 2 or 3 days after waiting for her to come back. The only way he would pep up is when she was around so I had to give him to her. He now gets home cooked meals and has his own bedroom at my grandmas house. When I come home is gets excited but I think gets nervous I will take him back.