Monday, September 5, 2011

Bahrain day 3: Lets paint the town beige before the show

Jeff our MWR Hookup.
NAVY Base 7:00 Show Tonight- Jeff Picked us up we ate and Hit Town for a tour. The morning was gyming and pooling to get the cobwebs out. At the Gym i Found out- 
I am 95kilos… That made me happy- I don’t want to break 100… I used to feel that way about 200lbs.. I guess 100 is the new 200
Tonight we paint the town Beige….

In 2007 there were only 5 hotels- now the place is covered with them. This is where Saudis come to let loose, some say Bahrain is the biggest bar next to the thirstiest country.
Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and us are all tight friends.
The Saudi's even pay for Bahrain's roads.
Culture Center
These are the doors of perception

Biggest Mosque in Bahrain

These giant doors on the mosques are thousands of pounds. But they are perfectly balanced so it feels as heavy as a kitchen door. Muslims are accredited for “inventing” math and science.. Romans and Greeks stole allot of their ideas and claimed their own.
The Princes are painted on The buildings.

The turbines on their generate electricity- It’s a very green thing but when they are on the foundation shimmies… It’s not turned on often.. Once the turbine broke and it killed dozens of people.
Known for their ships- before oil was found here (first in the middle east) is was where pearls where... they were everywhere- the Bahrainian people stuck to their nautical theme and the buildings resemble sailboats.. Allot of triangles in their architecture.

Gold Souq
The Gold Souq (pronounced sook which means store) is what maybe we would think of as a market area. You can get an amazing suite made for 50bucks and gold is cheap.

Shai alley- NO AMERICANS PLEAS- They hang red or black flags.
Arab men wear the thobe, a loose, ankle-length robe I only seen in white.Usually trimmed in gold.
The traditional, distinctive head covering is the guthra, a white or red and white checkered cloth held in place by the agal, a black ‘rope’ which was originally a camel tether. There are different Kinds depending where your from, Qataris normally wear a more African-style headdress, with two long ‘tails’ reaching down the back. Arab men sometimes wear casual dress on very informal occasions or at the beach, but Saudi men are strongly encouraged to wear these outfits at all times.
Kinda Like Amish and Quakers have there traditional outfits they wear all the time. 

 Couple Generic translations:
Greeting Meaning Reply
Ahlan                 wasahlan HelloAhlan bik

Sabah al-khayrGood morning/afternoonSabah an-nur

Masa al-khayrGood eveningMasa an-nur

Movie Stars: Muslim Hitler.. Two people not fond of jews

All women are treated equally- Four wives with the same houses one one plot of land

Bahrain is also known as the home of The Tree of Life! We are going to possibly see it tomorrow.
The Tree of Life (Sharajat-al-Hayat) is a 400 year-old, North American mesquite tree. The tree stands alone on top of a 20 - 30foot sand hill.
People around here think the tree's longevity is granted by Enki, (God of water), and that it marks the location of the Garden of Eden.... Planted a mere 400 years ago... Hmmmmm

Tonight I will have a second part to this blog...