Saturday, September 3, 2011

Going to Bahrain.. I don't know where that is..

sad morning.. empty bed walking out by myself
I don't know much about Bahrain as I look up things to learn about it there is allot of talk about "the uprising.." Here is what I found  out and as we are there I will talk to people and find out whats the word on the street..  
First off It was a serious travel day- Angie left to philly the night before- so getting up to a packed suitcase as the sun rises is a very sad and depressing feeling.
I sat on the curb and saw an older man who had the exact mustache I have and was walking SPIKE- who looked like a fatter older gizmo... I was looking in the future

Stop in Kuwait

JFK to Dulles- We had birthday drinks with Mrs Lord... We were laughing and having such a good time we almost missed our flight.
I listened to townes Van Zant most of the flight and got very emotional thinking about Angie.

I think about how hard life on the road is but I realize- these guys on the plane coming over has it worse- They leave there wife, girlfriend, kids and Parents for month and go to a war zone.
Who am I to complain! This is the least I can do and It is why I do it- they deserve to get something from home

Quick Bahrain Fact or Two:
Looks like bryant park fountain.

Black berry add.. nice stach above your eyes
After World War II, Bahrain became the center for British administration of the lower Persian Gulf. In 1968, when the British Government announced its decision to end the treaty relationships with the Persian Gulf sheikdoms, Bahrain joined with Qatar and the seven Trucial States (which now form the United Arab Emirates) under British protection in an effort to form a union of Arab emirates. By mid-1971 becoming formally independent as the State of Bahrain on December 16, 1971. We took military forces over in the 90's. New Paul has a contract to run security

Our pad
People in charge will do whatever is required to retain Bahrain, since they know very well that a lot will be lost if Bahrain is lost- What is it that makes Bahrain so important? Oil accounts for about 60 percent of Bahrain’s revenues. Bahrain was the first state on the southern shore of the Persian Gulf to discover crude oil. However, its oil reserves are meager compared to its wealthy neighbors. Because of its limited reserves, Bahrain has been working to diversify its economy. Bahrain is also considered "our best friends" over here because we have some bang bang here!
Carole Sleeping  
The rooms are great!
Random though: Sheiks look like bad john lovitz characters.. alright carry on...
Cant Get away from AMERICANAZATION of the world

Here is a little Townes for the uninformed. He strikes me in a way- such an amazing singer and writer.

TV had my name ready for the greating

The flight was so long and with the layover I couldn't believe we made it. We met our point men Jeff and Hussein We were told Bahrain is a big Island but no beaches- not for any reason but neglect. Which is crazy because this is where The Saudis come to vacation... It one of the more liberal Muslim countries. Everyone has been so nice to us. We chatted with a couple Muslim women at the airport- they told us a lot of cool stuff to go do.

Long ruled by Arabs, the ancient land of Bahrain was an important trading center, dating all the way back to Roman times.

It's a (small in size) group of 33 islands located just off the eastern coastline of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf. The largest island is Bahrain Island.

Modern causeways connect the four main islands, and all are connected to Saudi Arabia by the 16-mile-long King Fahd Causeway.

Similar to numerous other Arab states, Bahrain had a long relationship with the United Kingdom, until declaring its independence in 1971. It joined the United Nations that very year.

Most of the modern population is concentrated around Manama, the capital city, and much of that population (about 30%) are non-Bahraini immigrants.

This land (especially Bahrain Island) is primarily barren desert, with a limestone surface. Petroleum processing and refining, as well as international banking are the major industries. Money and oil.. our favorites!! 

I'm so tired I look blurry..

Its such a shame to travel and see the Americanazation and globalization of a place. I want to feel like I am experiencing something I can't anywhere else. My idea of a vacation is getting away from everything- I don't want to see things I recognize. We went and ate on base and came back for a swim. See you bright and early guys!!! We got a BBQ to attend.

Downey calls for a poolboy.. Carole is in the window in the back.
This hotel is amazing- You will see more. we are here for 3 days. We can't go to Afghanistan because there is no room to fly us in. So many solders are going in and out.

Angie... I think I got my Halloween costume

No photos allowed on base except our show and an ALL AMERICAN car show