Friday, September 2, 2011

While having a travel day why not talk about: Ronnie and I.

My Brother and I have not changed much over the years. We were a comedy duo even back then.

Ronnie and Me: The Original Comedy Team
Ronnie and cousin Mike: foundation of DIZZY WHORE
I have a crazy travel day so I figured I would write about something other than the travel- I got 13 more days to do that.
Ronnie is my older brother- We have stories that are completely nuts. We didn't have a lot of sibling rivalry, we were best friend and followed a lot of rules of sports, improv and acting and we didn't even know it.

While little kids we used to play all the sports together more as a team than anything- Ronnie was an infielder i was the catcher- football he ran the ball I blocked- in basketball he was a guard and I warmed up the bench.
Fire Breathing Brother

We where always into the same stuff: music, comedy and making movies and sketches. We can entertain ourselves for hours on end. I remember people would say " you have to much time on your hands to be doing that" and we thought - no this is what we like doing.

SNL sketches We would re-enact snl sketches and  Stand up Comics act we saw on TV. After a while we started making up our own Characters- they heavily influence my act and sketches I do Know- Ronnie is defiantly my biggest influence.

Cop movies is another influence of mine. The worse the movie the better for me.My Favorite Cop Movie for the wrong reasons is the Relentless series staring Leo Rossi. My Brother and I started filming our own epic cop movie "Holiday Night Fever". 2 and a half hours of awesomeness. When We transfer video to computer it will be a cult classic like this clip.. Lt. Cardozo... I can watch old Cop Movies all day.

Thats good cop work.. No Mildew

Papa Duke, Ronnie and Cousin Tony AKA T-POPS

My Papa Duke is a character Ronnie and I love doing He is possible the funniest most anal retentive people you will ever meet. Ronnie Papa Duke and I cut an apple tree down- First by the time he got the chain saw out, lubed oiled gassed and started we were loosing daylight. He also uses his middle finger to do everything so putting a gas cap on took forever. Once the tree was down it took forever because every log, branch twig had to be the exact same size cut.

Lead singer of the Heavy metal band DIZZY WHORE.. its screwed up when the comic is the good kid.
Baby Ryker
I won't give him a break

Truck night with Wife and Family
"Do you have a family? How do they figure into your material, if at all? Well they are almost all of my act- not just because they are funny, because they influence every part of me."

"What inspires you? Anything Funny- From a fart to a science joke, if it makes me or you laugh- its gold!"

Quick shot from the boys of summer calender... For very sad women

The folks Big Ron and Terry

Get outta the way
Ronnie and I made the drive to and from New York to Youngstown and we would take turns being Larry King and Interviewing Characters we made up or celebrities. Ranging from Kiss to Alec Baldwin Climing the empire state building in his underwear listening to Gordon Lightfoot.

Grandma Teed
Grandma Teedee: She has the BEST sense of humor ever. In fact she came to almost every play I was in- and every comedy show. I remember when I was little we would watch Carson. I could always get a great laugh outta granma Teed.
"Get outta my way you little P***sy! "Looking Like He is ready for a fight.

Now ya see why I have so much fart humor.
Big Ron cutting the cheese.
Thats my cousin Mike: I'm not the only Bruce fan in this family
Women Can't hear farts, I can hear one down the hallway.. You wouldn't hear it- ITS MANTONES!