Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bahrain day 3 part 2: Show and After Show

The crew got a pic together: Kevin Downey Jr, Carole Montgomery, Jeffster, Katsey, Leighann and myself. The Show was fun as hell and I think the crowd Dug it. We showed up and Did what we do best.

After we did our tour We went To the show- It was allot of fun and we talked allot to the guys after. Thanks To Burts Bees we gave out a ton of Lip Balm and they loved it!

I look like a football coach

Gas is 70 cents a gallon here.. Thumbs up INDEED mr. Downey!

Parking lot story: The Parking lot of base is privately owned and there are rules the man can’t build over two floors- so he can’t see the base. He got mad and started digging holes in the parking lot. The Price said stop it.. Man said “I’ll sue it’s my land”… Prince said “no you won’t”.. Man said “OK”. Moral of the story-  Don’t mess with the prince.

Little Kings drinker from Kuwait
We watched a band who did top 40 stuff Called The feedback band from the Philippians. They where really good technically but in between songs you couldn't understand a word there accents where so heavy. We hung for a bit but decided to go back to the hotel and have a couple drinks.
We talked to some locals and Jeff and I decided to hit the town. We saw Sheiks drinking beer  which is a bit of a no no, but I'm sure you swear and ya aint supposed to do that.... and they threw out some scandalous women for being dressed inappropriately... In America we would just call them skanks.. here- they where tossed.
Tickling Jeffs Funny Bone

Leaving Hotel and going out
The Band From the BBQ was playing downtown so we started there. We drank and hung with some locals who all knew Jeff- He is like the mayor.
The band Rocked- they have 3 singers and with that was able to cover all types of music, 80's rock to hip hop. I realy was having a great time
Savanna Beer of choice to the locals

The band from the BBQ is playing downtown

Last call At "American Bar"

We hit one more place and jeff played pool while I tried to hold the wall up- I was loaded. We played pool with an NCIS undercover agent we left 4AM and closed the latest Barain bar. Jeff was like someone out of the movie "The Hustler". I was so hung over in the morning I could actually hear myself talking.. like an out of body experience- but because I was so hung over i was glad to be out.