Monday, February 1, 2010

Kuwait City Arrival

Pittsburgh: Before I even Left for Pittsburgh Angie and I decide to have Indian food downtown NY (1st ave.) before I leave. I have an Idea I may get tired of Indian food and miss Angie ALOT, which is a switch from normal life LOL.

So the trip has officially began. Arrival at The Air Port. I woke up in Cranberry PA, my dad and I hit breakfast and off to the airport. I had a bit of an altercation in line at United airlines. The women at the front desk (who resembled John Candy in drag) She was just a mustard stained sweat pants wearing trollup who was to busy reading her harliquin novel to look up and see I needed help. Aft I waited a bit and realized she wasn’t going to ask who’s next so I walked up I put the passport down and stood there... nothing.. so finally I speak up and say My name is Mark Riccadonna I am flying out to Kuwait... Again Nothing.. can you help me? Without her moving her head but adjusting her eyes she looks up and says "Thaets whuat the copuders er for".. Ohh.. I have a bag and my printer didn’t work so I thought maybe you could help me with this........ nothing. so i tried to figure out the "compuder" without a boarding pass but it said i cant check a bag so ask Mamara if she could check the bag and boy that must of been the sound to wake a dragon... She finally moooved and let out a scoff that would make a Jesus feel guilty. I didn’t bother with asking where the gate was or my number because that would have required work to look at the ticket. I went to the Info Kiosk and mentioned Mamara to the kiosk lady and she sweet as could be says she gets that allot and looked it up and guided me to the gate. Just a short 10 hour layover in DC Dulles Airport (where I got my reading in).

At 9:45 The rest of the crew showed up. Ill Introduce you all to them in the next Blog. I got on the Bowing 777 and lucked out the person who was supposed to sit next to me never shown up so i had the seats to myself. I popped a lunesta and was out before we got to the runway... Woke up to the sound of someone yawning- not sure what happened but we heard is there a doctor aboard and some guy was out... I mean Out for the count and several military people rushed over. I’m not sure what happened But I’m sure it had something to do with blood sugar. There was some light out side I saw mountains in dessert and snow on top and it was hard to tell mountains with clouds, The Black Sea, and the Tigress River. There where really cool cities and what looked like giant Orange fires with a light purple sunset in the distance along the river. It was so nice I got sad when It got to black to see. The towns looked so cool and interesting, its hard to thing how much different life would be to live here. I couldn’t wait to land.

The Hotel (Radisson Blu Kuwait) is right on Persian Gulf. This is an Ancient boat turned Steak House in a Fantasy Shmancy part of town.

TRAVEL DAY: arrival 19:00hr

We landed, as we deplane I am excited- its really hitting me now, "I’m in Kuwait.. wow!" Its like a whole new ball game here. We go through the Visa line and the guy who does our paper work is really funny. In fact he told me he was in entertainment and I thought he was lying till he said "I tried comedy in Baghdad but I really wanted to be an actor" then he said he always wanted to go to Ohio and when I said really, he said no.. Just making small talk. Now I really believe him that he did do comedy. I'll tell you once we got out of customs we want to get luggage. You have never felt cool until you have been picked up and escorted by a full military security detail with front man Colonel Shock! We have a couple SUV's with the tinted windows, three guys ahead of us 50 yards scoping the scene, two behind us and two in the crew. We loaded up and headed out. Will our driver is cool as hell, he showed us the soccer stadium and the mall, explained the city to us. The hotel was very nice, awesome colors and sheiks all over.

If You notice the floor names: Ground. 1: Scandinavian 2:Oriental 3: Superior That’s Racist in so many ways.. Even though they consider me at the lowest point I still Approve of open racism its always funny and always inappropriate.

No Booze! Its a dry country (Islam is the state religion) So I drank a Diet Coke from 1950 (pop top) The Shampoo and conditioners are in shot glasses and just a piece of paper over top. Its kind of cool how classy and simple there stuff is..

PS: we have a Beday Now I gotta hit the sack, don’t want to miss breakfast- these military dudes like to wake up early.