Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting Ready for the Big Trip

Thursday before I leave: it's time to make sure I had everything for the journey. I got the Itinerary for the trip, I know what I need. I leave Sunday but I am performing at The Funny Bone in Pittsburgh (well Cranberry) Friday and Sat and may not have time to run and get what I need.

Thurs Morning 6:30AM
The day starts with an interview at WKBN Ny Gretta Mittereder my hometown news station. I am one of the few comics I know who like Moring press. The reasons peeps don't like it is going into these things you never know what to expect. Entertainers know behind the walls of morning news or radio is a scary place, your entering someone else’s world. You don’t know what their idea for you is, sometimes they want to "play a gag" or "Out funny the comic" and they usually think that you know their format. So these can be nerve racking for many reasons. Not the case one bit here...I came in and met two awesome folks: Greta and Tony, It was quick and painless, I had alot of fun. When it comes out I’ll have to post it.

I needed stuff for the trip. As usual my mom is going shopping with me, this is sometimes a bad idea, and I hate shopping and can’t sit in a store for more than 10minutes without getting restless. I try not to put others through the hell I go through when shopping. So when my mom offered I was a little reluctant to say yes. My mom is very sweet and nice; she wants everything to be comfortable for me and nice for the big trip. I had last minute stuff I needed to get so what the heck; I can spend an afternoon with my mom which is never a bad thing. My mom is one of the only people who get my "real" sense of humor. No matter how dark or awful of something I say she will laugh harder than me and usually will top whatever I say with zero judgment. She made sure I got the best of everything for the trip. Did you know most alarm clocks DO NOT have time zones or 24hour options(military time). You can use your iPod and do both. I will be on Kuwait time zone military time during the trip. We made the trip to army navy, wall mart and some rib joint in the middle of the ghetto. Let’s just say we had some laughs and saw some stuff that love to get a hold of.

5:00 PM Lunch with Ronnie and Elvis
Ronnie and I went to lunch at my old grade school turned restaurant. The food was great and I saw they were having an Elvis Impersonator... I asked about it and low and behold the owner and Elvis Joined us for lunch. We laughed shared stories and I got a cd and 8x10 autograph of the king... nice.

There are a couple questions I am asking myself: Am I nervous or should I be? I’m not, is that weird- I just feel safe I am going to be with Americas Warriors. I grew up in Youngstown and live in queens now, I moved to NYC by myself at the age of 17. This could be the safest I ever was. Will I miss the super bowl? I hope not- the troops want to watch it! I am Leaving my nephew on Sunday (who I don’t see enough), my parents and Angie- this is tough but what about those guys who have kids and go over longer 2 or 3 tours in a row. God that's rough. Military wives are god sent to be able to deal with this- Hats off to you!

This is Ryker and I kickin it before I leave.

7:00PM Drinks
Seeing old friends was awesome, we went for drinks at night and I shared through this blog we can stay in touch so join and we can type back and forth and you can see what I’m doing. The only one who seems interested- you guessed correctly.. Ryker.
He stays in touch but spells like shit..

To hear what’s going on, I am doing remotes with Fast Freddie on 93.3 The Wolf. I Hope you stay tuned! Listen read enjoy!