Friday, January 15, 2010

What am I doing this for?!

Well, my description should probably let you in on... I’m not that full of myself, I’m not grandiose with opinions that are going to blow your socks off but I want to be in touch with people on my adventure to IRAQ and KUWAIT on my ARMED FORCES TOUR 2010!
I am so dam psyched to do this I can’t sleep, just as good though I have 5 radio spots to do in state college PA in an hour from now. ESPN, FROGGY 101 and some others... Looking forward to my Ray Lewis vs. the Colts bit I wrote...
I kinda feel a hipster writing a "BLOG"... You know- that- "too cool for school", "look at me" thing where you pretend to be so important because you opinion matters and its forever on the word-wide-web (ohh maybe I should get a mochiolatte-pachino and rub my butt cheeks and sit at a starbucks in a fluffy turtle neck and go "HHHMMMMMM I got to work on my blog") told you this is weird. I think writing, staying in touch with people, trying to make it funny, post pics of these adventures in real time will be fun for anyone who knows me. If you don’t know me- you may laugh for other reasons.
Before I go over to the Middle East or "M.E." to those in Hipster Land (that was a pretentious joke) I will Post a couple short blogs to talk sports, prep work for the tour and other runna da mill crap I think you will enjoy, so enjoy.