Monday, January 18, 2010

The world is just a big High School

I wanted to break down the world as a whole kind of how I see it. Anything in the world could be a John Hughes (or any high school movie) Movie. I grew up on these and I think it doesn’t teach you "What it’s trying to teach you" but it sets you up to realize these movies are showing you no matter when or where - it’s the same all over.

The US and Canada are brothers their parents are (Think the Pickford’s in dazed and confused):

The Conservative Father: "I don't want my kid to take shit from anyone, don’t worry about others you go get the prize". "Go to church every Sunday, get good grades and Win!" The kind of dad who chews out his 3rd grade son for striking out in little league. Calling him a looser and making him cry in the dugout.

Liberal Mom: She doesn't believe in violence, "That solves nothing- treat everyone good and the way you want to be treated. Don’t worry about winning just do your best and have fun". She wants to feed the entire team after the game and have them over to swim while pops is pissed these brats are using his pool eating his food and they aint doing anything for him.

United States: Grew up to be the All American captain of the football team, Head of student council, Prom King that everyone loves and respects (to his face) but when their home the jealousy hits and they secretly want to see him fail. He gets what he wants even if he uses force. He hasn’t had to do much of that because most people fear his wrath and he runs the school. The UN is the student council looking out for the good of the school and Military is the football team the stronger he gets the faster everyone else starts criticizing.

Canada: US's little brother who isn’t athletic and needs his older brother. His older brother takes care of him, saves him from bullies Gives his some status. He loves his brother but will be the first to criticize him and cut him down around his friends. Canada is so proud to go in The Us room and put on his football jersey and helmet and talk how much better at football he is (even though he isn’t on the team).I would say close to Patric Dempsey in "Can't Buy me Love".

Australia: He is Canada’s best friend, looks up to US, acts like the US but when he is with Canada he complains about US and his older sister England. He is Mitch Kramer from dazed and confused with the older sister who is dating the captain of the football team.

Canada In the car with his friends:

England: Head cheer-leader, popular, good looking, smart, some say snobby and full of herself. She had a few years where she was a control freak but seems to be comfortable with herself now. She is going steady with America, they are always together through thick and thin, even if they disagree with each other they stick up for and defend one another. She was very mean to her brother when they where young but includes him once in a while now that US likes him.

Switzerland: The guidance councilor, not taking a side and just wants everyone to do well. He also likes everyone to know his office is a safe place you can say anything and you won’t be judged. Not allot of personality but that can be a good thing, everyone likes him.

France: Head of the drama club, artsy, snooty, looks down his nose at America and thinks he is a brute who needs slowed down even though he helped him when they where kids. A little sensitive, a little critical but not a bad person. He is a complainer; he has a look on his face as if he smells a fart but just for a second. He had a little history with England and has some jealous feelings about America and England and thinks he is more suited for her. France and England are neighbors who in grade school ran the school together in a love hate relationship. France loves talking to Canada and is trying to get him to be more like him than US. A young Vego in Ghostbusters.

Spain: Was America in grade school, best athlete, smart and cool but quite growing and dropped out of sports. Started being a stoner and everyone likes him; he is around but mellowed out since the old days. He is Slater in Dazed and Confused.

Here the Us, Spain and England get caught smoking by conservative dad and liberal mom then it cuts to Australia’s baseball game:

The African Countries: are the poor ditch kids, people over look them because they don’t want to get in their problems. They live on the other side of the tracks, even if we like one of them; no one really wants to go there to help them out. Their neighborhood is a dangerous trailer park where no matter how tough you are its still very dangerous.

Germany: is the weird quiet kid who has a past, not a bully but you’re not sure if he will show up to graduation with a gun so everyone stays on his good side. The German dude in "Cant Hardly Wait" that sings Welcome to the Jungle"

Israel: The foreign exchange student who came to school half way through the year. Some ignore him, some resent him because he is new and the football team likes him even though he wasn’t here the whole year. Once in a while someone picks on him because he is small and new.

The Middle East: is like the Shop/Motor head kids they switch sides with who is with the metal shop, wood shop and car repair. None of them get along and even when they do they don’t trust each other. They have all the tools and the other kids want to use them so they have to go to the shop even though it’s confusing there and you’re never sure who is with whom.

Mexico: is the janitor