Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Travel Day: Back to Kuwait

Baghdad to Kuwait.

I was so tired from the crazy chopper mix up I decided to get to the bunk pack and enjoy Sadams palace before we have to hit the road. We had to be up early, if we missed our flight we are staying in IRAQ till we get new visas so we need to have our shit together. Judd picks us up and gets us to Slather and we are getting punch drunk from  no sleep. Im sure judd had enough of us laughing at the dumbest jokes  you ever heard,  To the right:We coffee up with Major Thomas and Judd. Ill miss those two, they where fun as hell! Below is The Iraq crew; 2nd Row: Major Thomas, Carole, Judd, Legihan, Warren, Colonel Shock. first row: Mark (me), Felicia and Stephan

Is that our Ride? C130's are awesome, huge, powerful aircrafts that do amazing things.. One down side they stink when it comes to being comfortable! Also we saw the werewolf crew tag!

Back to Kuwait.

It was great landing in Kuwait and seeing our security team. Brad, Will, Conti and a new guy to the crew Brads (biz) partner I'll call Jersey Boy for now(from Hackensack Ill introduce next blog). I was so tired I slept most of the day in between finding out if the super-bowl would be aired somewhere.

Felicia Took The gang out to eat at Al Boom. Al boom is a restaurant that was opened in 1979 on an Indian ship that was built in 1915. It took 3 years to build by hand Here is why.

During Dinner we were all delirious so we can up with each-others Striper names:Poison Ivy, Anal Seepage, Negro B. Demille, Hung Hogan, Major Mother F*****, The Amnesty Box and Caroles Pirate name- Land Hoe!
After an amazing dinner we went to the upper area for coffee and there was a door to go out on deck.. I know Carole and I are like children, we had to play.
Now on a serious note during dinner talking to The Cornel (I feel like elvis saying the colonel showed us around) we all said very seriously how much we will miss him and the troops and all the guys who made this all happen. He was a very cool guy and put up with allot hauling 5 comics around the dessert, Carole making a Colonel carry her bags lol, and it finally dawned on us his stripper name would be either THE SHOCKER or SHOCK AND AWW!

The Damage Done

These are photos of what happened at the Radisson in the gulf war and what its like now. What a job rebuilding!

After all the work looking for the Super-bowl, I ended up passing out and not getting up in order to watch the german feed of the super-bowl where in letters under the screen read sexy american football.. Nice!