Friday, July 2, 2010

Heading to Rammstien

Before we leave Wiesbaden we wanted to venture around the downtown. We didn’t make it but I wanted to see a place called “Heathens Wall” it dates back to 364 AD when the Romans ran this place.

We saw Hessisches Staat Theatre (state theatre) built 1894 it was very impressive, I wish we could have went inside. I kept thinking what it would be like to do Happy in the Poorhouse” there

Germans Love their Parks: almost as much as they love David Hasslehoff and world domination.

We did see “The Market Church” Its was built in 1852 and is the highest building.

Left: The beging of the shopping district in Wiesbaden
Right:This building is across from our hotel.

There was a small wedding we stumbled upon.

We also walked around the shopping district, guess Germans aren’t known for their fashion sense. I was thinking Angie and I could dress like this for our wedding.

I slept the whole ride to Ramstein and woke up just as we arrived. Rico told us it was very busy their PX is so big people from bases all over come here to shop.

Christine is the girl showing us around, the base is huge. We ate at the Macaroni Grill; I ate way to much and couldn’t stay awake so I napped which I was pissed about. I wanted to see more stuff. I heard that The base is so much bigger that the actual town here.
The Front gate was a bit intimidating but I think that’s because I was listening to Du Haus in my head by Ramstien.
Christine couldn’t make the first half of the show because they had a huge freedom fest tomorrow and she had to go help with that. (She said she was new but she was awesome and had everything under control) Christine’s sidekick Amber took Amazing care of us feeding us hooking up with anything we needed. Right before show time I saw on the wall Christine was employee of the month.

This is our greenroom: Yes we had an entire Martini Bar to ourselves.

We had a ton of fun with the crowd and had a situation with sound that Amber fixed right away. After the show the girls and I sat in the greenroom talking and eating, Im really not in the mood to drink, if I moved to Europe I would be pickled. I went back with Carol and Leighann we leave for Kosovo in the morning.