Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome to Kosovo Bondsteel

Day 8

Above: The night before they where at the Show. We are leaving to go to Kosovo to tell dick jokes, They are leaving to become heros in Afgan.

Left: Saying Goodbye to Rico. We will miss you and Germany. To quote Rico "Germany is ze best.. It is perfect.
I am exhausted; I slept the 3-hours bus ride to Frankfort Airport. After this whole airport thing I never want to hear another European complain Americans are rude. This was the single worst display of humanity in a business I ever seen. The sentence Form a line is just a suggestion these Balkan Vultures swarm the front and will knock an old women over to be next. Sense of space they have NO IDEA what that means. I could feel the guy behind me breathing on my neck. I don’t even want to feel Angie nose breathing on my neck. When we boarded the bus and stopped at our plane people stepped over people to board and where loud and obnoxious the whole time. I thought it was just I being tired but Carol almost got in a fist fight with a troll who pushed her and Parked put gum in her hair (revenge is sweet, but she may never wash and find out about it) There was no holds barred going for luggage

Welcome to Pristine Kosovo. Bondsteel Nato Base

The Passport guy said I should have fun because Kosoians LOVE Americans, they even have a statue of Bill Clinton down town. The young Albino’s/Albanians all are sporting Short soccer player mullets.
Our Guides where great and explained allot of cool stuff to us: Being around them we had such a detailed history of everything Balkan. The Mountain “The Duke” in the last few days lost its snow cap (I guess Al Gore was right, don’t get caught forcing yourself on another women, what?!?). Duke is above behind the building

The serbs and Albainians have been fighting since the beginning of time and never took the time to just advance and you can tell. They never finish building a house 20 sometimes 30 years go by until construction is complete.
Their roads are completely lawless, I am serious you can not get pulled over. Imagine what that’s like after hearing about the airport. We saw a guy with the frame of a car being pulled by horses, Cows wonder in the streets as do the kids.
Right: Not the base, its a juvy hall
The Balkan Mountain Range is a host for crime. In fact it is the number one place for human trafficking, heroin import from the Middle East and the Albanian mob if ruthless with gun and arm trading and not respecting human life. This doesn’t to concern the Americans and NATO though they are trying to get them to form a police dept. They are worried about another holy war. It was explained like this: our presence is like a bad kid getting paddled and mom keeps it out to remind him to be good and what can happen.

Kosovos only Bowling Alley in the entire country.. All 4 lanes of action

We walked the base for a bit, its very simple clean and efficient. All members of NATO have a presence here so there is allot of cool stuff. They where having Karaoke in the main stage (where we are tomorrow) tonight. I was reminded of their cool library situation. By Library I mean a room of shelves and its full of books you can just take with the agreement you will drop it when your done at whatever base your at.

I was exhausted so- GYM- DFAC- Computer- shower Type- Sleep. I am looking forward to tomorrow. Right before bed I met these contractors guys who fix things at the Radar and tower area. I talked to them for a while and randomly there was a rabbit who ran out under a housing area and it was bigger than any dog I ever owned, it was a rabbit or a small goat that learned to hop.