Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Leaving Diego Garcia at night
Chief Edwin G Switzer, Stephan Kruiser and Chief Jason Stogin

We went to Singapore and ate the most amazing meal. They give you two broths then you (buffet style walk through and pick up mushrooms, meats, veggies, seafood and add to the soup. As it cooks you drink beer and as you eat and add ingredients the soup keeps changing. it was amazing! You basically sit and eat soup drunk for hours, my dream meal come true. The buffet of stuff to add was so crazy just dozens of fungi, tons of veggies and clams,  lobster, crab fish, lamb, beef and squid.

The left is a chicken/veggie broth the right was straight up HOT.. Satans diarrhea I call it

Kruiser went for the heat.
Everything was going well till the chicken foot showed up. The most discusting thing I ever felt let alone tasted. The texture alone made me want to vomit. Our Waitress said its good for women skin so Downey ate one!

I think we all wanted to vomit from this but we did have a blast. After the meal was over we went home and slept till it was time to leave, I think we were all exhausted.

I'll never be the same after that meal. In fact 3 days later I haven't have a BM that resembles what i used to have

She seemed so nice till the feet came out. She gave it a pedicure before we ate it.

Hours of eating while drunk leads to this.

I tried to go back for just one more bite. Thank god Stephan was there

Singapore at night is a fun food town. People are everywhere eating the different kinds of cuisine. India meets China.

Write your own punchline

Singapore/HongKong/ LAX/ NYC= 25hours in the air

Finally home sweet home