Monday, October 18, 2010

SINGAPORE acouple days (will be back friday)

It is level green and I ended up with heat stroke.. Iraq has nothing on this place

SINGAPORE: Hot, Humid, Keys don't work, no internet, No Phone and we are here 3 days and coming back Friday..

The base is like a suburb of the town, we are in the middle of nowhere. We landed and stopped for some food. We are staying in a huge 4 bedroom apartments for military families. Stephan moved in mine.

Wake up and go for a walk around the neighborhood and base. I was a bit tired but started walking around and taking in the local flavor. As I was walking back to the place I met up with everyone for breakfast, and it was very interesting how bad the service was.

Went downtown with Kevin and Stephan, we wanted to eat and shop. We wanted to see what the local flavor of Singapore.  It was 25bucks for the ride that was about a half an hour away. The cab driver was awesome
We hit up Chinatown and shopped around, allot of similarity to New York’s Chinatown. It was pretty cool and full of stuff but kind of expensive and junky. Later we found our way at an open food market we are easy the only white people and we loved it. We left and headed toward the waterfront area along the river (Clark Key) and decided to grab a drink or two. There was a scam that was put on us for pricing for beer. We enjoyed seeing the seafood and all the weird giant crabs, lobsters, shell fish, frogs, lizards and creepy stuff. The food of Singapore is the Chili Crab, we wanted to drink then get some.

We walked a little further down the river debating to take the waterfront tour but ended up buying pitchers of beer talking. I looked over and there was a guy laughing at our conversation and we asked him to join us. He was Canadian and was super knowledgeable. 

When we started talking to him he comes here for business and the more we hung out the weirder he started getting. Ted was a bit too knowledgeable about whorehouses, not just here but in several countries and cities all over the states. I started thinking he was on the run from the states for being a pedophile or something. When I would change the subject and talk about ANYTHING else he would somehow segue it into hookers. 

Apparently Jakarta women make agreat wives as though don't care if their husbands are sleeping with hookers throughout southeast Asia.He started getting my freaked out vibe and tried making me feel better by saying he was happily married 28 years and that’s when I had to make like batman and Christian Bale. I went home (Barracks with Kevin and went to bed).

The next day we went to the mall and saw a Singaporean Elvis wanna-be singing for about 35 people, (more people than we had at the Guam Navy base). 

ABOVE: SWIMING Pool with glass bottom/ Casino/ Hotel and shopping mall

BELOW AND RIGHT: Odd foods along the walk



Next morning we decided to walk to mall and have some Singapore chili crab everyone was talking about. It was HOT as hell. We walked a good half hour and got to the mall. It was a typical American Mall type joint. There was a dude singing and he had a huge audience. They loved him, I think I heard him sing Singapore version of beautiful dreamer. His piono player looked like Skelator and he had backup singers.


We looked around for Chili Crab but wanted a mom and pop joint- Ray would have been so excited for us. We found a place that did three different styles. They gave us deli gloves to eat them with.

Chinese Style: Very spicy –It turned my lips red and made me sweat. It was full of those roasted Chinese suicide peppers- Stephens favorite.

Italian Style: Very garlicky and delicious. It had almost a creamy chili sauce.
Singapore style: Kevin and I liked it most. It was a chili sauce that was a little spicy and a little sweet.


These people couldn’t wait on us enough- they where great. We almost had to run out so they wouldn’t chase us down the street to have us try more. The soft sell is something they don’t understand

ABOVE HMS TERROR- The club was named after it.
LEFT: Singapore sling in Singapore.

We walked home and I had to lay down before the show. I wasn’t feeling so good because the humidity. I took a nap right in front of the AC and woke up in time for the show and dinner. We went to the terror club and ordered dinner. I didn’t notice it until Leigihann asked why I was so quiet and Carol said I was super pale but I started fading out and almost passed out. I got up and got sick and almost passed out in the bathroom. They made me lay down and was going to send me back to the room but 10min before the show started I got my shit together and brought it. They where allot of fun and everyone said they couldn’t believe so many people came (It was the NAVYs birthday) and wasn’t still hung-over.