Friday, October 22, 2010

Deigo Garcia day 2

Welcome to Diego Garcia: Go to the middle of nowhere and make a left. 
These people live on the edge.. of the planet.

We did allot today so right up front I apologize for what I miss and the names I misspell or just get completely wrong. This entire day was so unbelievable. Thank You guys so much and get me outta here Ill try to get the names right!!!! Most of my blogs I like to have a mission but with this one its more "what and who" then "what the hell are you doing Riccadonna?" 
These are the Dogs with Rank!

Thats BRIX with us.
K-9 Unit: There is allot of rain so it has to be indoors. The K-9 are super help full and allot of fun. I wish we could have got out to see the exercises but you can see in the pics I am soaked in rain. The dogs are very friendly but I don't want to test them out to much. It was my goal to get Kevin in the suit that the dog can attack but weather stopped it from going down. Brix came out and joined us. Brix smelled Kevin at the airport, I mean he went right up to his crotch and would not quit sniffing, I started to laugh but he turned over toward me and said"smells like every NY based Navy guys ass".  The K-9 unit was super cool, they also run the jail but don't get much use out of it considering how small the island is, no one is dumb enough to do anything.

NAVY SECURITY AND POLICE:Chief Stogin/ Chief Alvarado. This was the part we all wanted to see- GUNS, GUNS, GUNS!  

The sound of the CHA-CHUNK will make a bad guy piss himself

I act like I know what I am doing

The Simulator
I was very happy with my score. 2 scenarios with the M-16 (I went semi auto): 6 total shots-all hits, 4 lethal, 2 non lethal. I would have to have done 20 push ups for the non lethal. I did another one with the 9mil but didn’t get the score written down. I think the best is carol 0 for 21. She is awesome, laughing her ass off while firing away! Made me miss Kuwaiti.

Now this is fun
Im givin it a shot: badump*

A Quick Intro to the gang:

MAC (Master at Arms Chief) Stogin- Chief- “If it goes boom on the island its mine”. He is basically head of the Navy cops (one bad muther.. shut your mouth… but Im talkin stagins).

MA1 (Master at Arms) Fiesta –he was a quiet and very cool guy.

GM1 (Gunners Mate) McGlaughlin- FATS (Fire Arms Training System) which is a gun shooting simulator which we got a kick out of.

GM1 Goltowski- not allot of pics with him because he took photos allot for us but he is the bad ass with the shotgun.

MA2 (Master at Arms) Reese. He let us beat the piss out of him in the red man suit. What a great dude, he is the youngin of the gang and you can tell he works hard and is liked but balls busted allot.

MA3 Caudill- He is the very German looking dude who was a huge help teaching us on aiming. I think he is the marksmen of the group.

MA3 Bockbrader- She was a female bad ass martial artist.


The redman Suit is a suit that will make you not feel blow to the body or head; so the police can practice moves, try weapons and beat the crap out of someone on the sqauad without getting a trip to the hospital. 

I really loved their philosophy on the hand to hand stuff and that is "I don’t want to hurt a fellow sailor and I don’t want to be on CNN so get them down and unable to harm anyone until back up gets there" and boy do they have submission moves.

Stoggin and Brockbrader showed us some and Reese let us go to town on him. It was so much fun and educational (like if I get in a fight, I need a red man suit). and again Carol was the most fun to  watch "GET ALL BROOKLYN ON THEIR ASS"
Get the bat stogs!

Who's Next?


 War Bird- we got to look everywhere.
PACAF: MAJ Guillory and the B-52s. 

SSgt. S White our guide and KDJ and SSgnt white in the bomb bay 
 They call this tweaking the nipples. Carol could not wait! Behind Those nipples are cameras we are not allowed to see.
We where in luck and out of luck at the same time. Out because a week ago the Emmroy had a submarine hooked up and docked but in luck because the B-52s are here!! 

We showed up to the 
airbase area of the island and as always with the air force- 

NICE AND AIR CONDITIONED. They always make things nice like that. … I love the B-52s, they look like Vultures or some sort of death bird and they are like the American muscle car of the air force. Just like most awesome muscle cars, built in the 60’s, cranky to get running, always need work, in reality not the strongest or fastest car on the road but it will scare the piss out of an enemy. Intimidation factor on these are unreal they look sound and smell awesome.. 

The Guys all up in the bomb bay. We have been dropping bombs together all week, why not! Kruiser thinks we should be sponsored by SCOTT TISSUE.

BIG SHOW TONIGHT: Cant wait but will need a nap.

To be Continued next blog