Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GUAM part 2

 GUAM part2 show at the airbase. JRM established 1940.

Downey in the lobby about to head to the beach.
As I am getting ready to head to the first show in Guam it hit me how much I love the Japanese culture. As much as I love being American we could learn a thing or two from are WW2 enemies. They are possibly the most polite and clean people I have ever seen.

Down by the pool there is tons of people and no garbage! You wouldn’t know they are really there because they seem like a quiet culture, and on top of that I never felt crowded because there constant politeness throws you off- they always say excuse me, smile, thank you and try not to get in your way and you find yourself doing the same.
They always seem happy, jolly and family oriented (didn’t mean that to seem like a joke). There was no “Jersey shore attitude on the beach.. You know the guy who needs to know -”Don’t you know who I am?” and obnoxious over tanned under dressed teenagers yappin on the phone, they where actually just enjoying their families. What a concept being in the moment you’re supposed to be in with the people they are supposed to love.

Went to the air-force area to eat Mongolian BBQ and perform at Top of the Rock Bar for the show. We met the Colonel Havenstock (spelled it phonetically so my apologies). The Air-force really knows how to live. The Audience was awesome such good guys. I ended up getting ALLOT of drinks bought for me. The colonel presented us with the JRM coin!