Friday, October 15, 2010

Bye Guam its been a pleasure (show for the Navy)

 Its our Last night in Guam and we have a show at the navy Base and a tour of the island in the afternoon.
We all were laughing because I was loaded last night and wanted to go to the shooting range and shoot. We hung pool side till around noon, Downey and I sliding every way your body can go down the thing. It looks like it may rain. At 1 we are meeting some guys to see what’s going on with WW2 stuff.
We went to a noodle house before the tour and laughed our asses off about the game we invented called Pearl Harbor where we try and use each other’s bathrooms and not flush so when we get back from somewhere it’s been just sitting there waiting.

TOP: Downey and I have an awesome lunch for breakfast
ABOVE: Boy Scouts of America make a tiny replica of the statue of Liberty
LEFT and Below: Latte stone (maade from Brain corral and giant stone)-500 BC the Chamorro people built there houses on top of these stones so if the island flooded there stuff  stays dry (like we do with houses on stilts. They also buried there dead under the house

LEFT AND BELOW: Bomb shelters the Japoneas had the natives build.. Oh yea they made them work till they fell over dead, then grab the next guy. No breaks- you think your job sucks?

LEFT LEFT LOWER AND BELOW: These are from The Spanish Area of there rule 1560- 1898 when we dropped the hammer on Spain and sold it to germany a year later. Thats Ray with Downey, what a guy, he is Chamorro Drew Carrey. He just picked on of these awesome fruits off a tree and said there best with coronas but straight it tasted like a sour mandarin.

These are more caves Japan made the islanders build.

1562- Spain lands in Guam, much to the dismay of the indigenous Chamarro

1898-  We acquire Guam from Spain after kicking Espanol ass in the Spanish-American War

1919-  We allow Japan to acquire nearby Saipan and Tinian from Germany after WWI, (in hindsight, not a great chess move)

08 Dec 1941: Japan attacks Guam
09 Dec 1941: Japanese destroyers shell Agana
10 Dec 1941: Japan invades Guam- fight ends 18 Dec 1941: Victory Parade by Japanese in plaza.

21 July 1944 U.S. invades Guam

08 August Japan surrenders

14 October 2010 Mark Riccadonna invades Guam, gets drunk and wants to go to a shooting range, (his friends talk him out of it)

TOP: JAPANESE MINI SUB found under water and moved to the museum just recently.
BELOW: Just read it- its sad. there are houses on top of the graves- thats haw bad the Chamorrows and US hated them

Dog Memorial: A Doberman pinscher represents hundreds of heroic war dogs that served in the United States Marine Corps during World War II. Doberman pinschers, German shepherds, Labrador retrievers and occasionally, a collie served during the war as sentries, messengers, and scouts. But they also served other roles to the Marines who served with them...devoted friend, confidant, trusted companion. My dog Gizmo is a shit-zu so his family may have worked for the enemy. Gizmo was adopted so I won’t mention that to him when I return home. I’m not worried about him reading this though not just because he doesn’t have thumbs and cant type but because he is a dog and can’t read! It honors not only the war dogs, but symbolizes the special connection people share with dogs.
25 Marine War Dogs gave their lives in Guam in 1944. Kurt (dog the statue is), Yonnie, Koko, Bunkie, Skipper, Poncho, Tubby, Hobo, Nig, Prince, Fritz, Emmy, Missy, Cappy, Duke, Max, Blitz, Arno, Silver, Brockie, Bursch, Pepper, Ludwig, Rickey, Tam (buried at sea off Asan Point). Given in their memory and on behalf of the surviving men of the 2nd and 3rd marine war dogs platoons, many of whom owe their lives to the bravery and sacrifice of these gallant animals.

THANK YOU ARMED FORCES ENTERTAINMENT: MWR; CHARLEY- Even though we didn't drop Kruiser off at the Texas Bar (Trannys) and all who came out.

Just to give you an idea of how close these people are a Chamorro girl Died in Afganastan and when her body showed up to the airport around 5000 people came to show thier respect at the airport. We need to learn from these folks!