Thursday, August 23, 2012

Djibouti DAYS part 2

We woke up early and heading down to the Cav! These guys are bad ass dudes- there where some MP's there as well. We had a ball hanging with these guys. They all had great senses of humor and was ready for a good time. They showed us allot of equipment and it was like a second show.

Carole will demonstrate the FLAK JACKET
Squeeze in!

Say hello to Joe Camel

The Seabees
We stopped in to see the Flying Sea-bees- Carpenters with guns! They are super busy because they are not only building all over the base to make a more permanent home for our guys- they also build schools and hospitals all over Africa to help build their moral and let them know we are here to help. Great guys with a great cause!

We also Stopped at the medical center and dentist office. These guys had us laughing the whole time.
This maybe the next cover of a harlequin romance novel! Elayne seems to be doing just fine there!

AIRPLANES!!! I love airplanes! This is a C130- I did a history of them in an earlier blog so I wont do that again but I never get tired of looking at these. When we were in another base we saw stuff we were not allowed to take pics of but C130's are awesome and they keep the military running- the work horse of the military if you will.

We worked our way down the flight line and met the guys who fix every little thing on the airplanes. These guys are great and had conditioning! WOOOHOO!!! Its a steady 130 degrees and on the flight line its probably 140-150.
I wont!
Am I on the set of mash?