Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Djbouti and Home

This jack ass is for real.. Jet noise on a military base.. who would have thumk it!
We were having coffee and laughing about this flyer and Joked about going downtown and Greg said- Alright lets throw on our civis and do this!
Gregg Stevens and his Partner took us out for a day on the town!

Downtown was so much fun-these guys knew where everything was

Djboutis wall mart

US Embassy building
this is a beach but they clean themselves and their clothes here

Zebra Wall

Wild Dogs on the beach but apparently are friendly

Insane and beautiful African Art

Planet Hollywood: no relation to the real one

Rich Arab liked Big Boy- no affiliation to the chain

Scooby is downtown

Read closely to the flavor

To end a perfect shopping and hanging day we went to Pizzaiolo- A french guy from Philly opened a pizza place in Africa.. If I had a nickle

The food was unbelievable- smoked salmon and cream cheese pizza, Hawaiian and a veggie!

We headed back to base with enough time to pack and see the last group before the travel begins.

These are the guys who control what comes in and out of the area- they call the guy with the stach Mr. Djbouti.

They call this garbage on the fence a Djboutian Flower Garden. They are really dangerous because the garbage could hide an explosive or something.

The military offered to clean up there streets and the Djboutian gov wanted money from us to clean their roads...
At the Airport a group of marines where heading home too. And they are taking their helo with them.
We traveled for around 32 hours and every flight was delayed. I couldn't wait to get home and sleep in my own bed.

Elayne Made a huge picnic for us at the halfway point- We all were exhausted and ready for the last leg home!
Almost there