Sunday, August 5, 2012

South east Asia: DAY 2

To put the heat in perspective- its so hot the air comes to your body to cool down... our 98.6 degree bodies are 30 degrees cooler that the air.. so there is a reverse condensation sensation thing going on.

Master Sarg. Jenn cracking wise with Carole
Up early hit the GYM and went pool side. There was allot of soldiers who had the day off and just living it up at the pool. I started talking to a pilot and he was telling me about the day to day life of being married with kids and being deployed on the other side of the planet. I am never allowed to complain about life on the road! He had an amazing outlook on everything and seemed super happy with his life but we both said- Its all we know how to do..

You have to marry a strong women who understands that and raise your kids to also understand the life we chose. These military peeps not only sacrifice every day with the war- their home lives are tough as well. Bless these guys for  doing what they do and bless the faithful spouses who support these heros.
Sometimes you just got to vouge

We took a tour of an airstrip.. sorry no photos and cant really explain anything we saw... i mean we saw nothing.. thats my story and Im sticking to it.

We hung out with our buddys from last night again tonight- even though it is so hot here i will really miss it. The friends we met will remain friends for life.

Jenn was also telling me about her son and fiancee who is also military. Relationships really matter and can really keep someone-especially a soldier- strong.

At the show it cooled down to a chilly 112. The crowd wasn't drenched in sweat like last nights 130 temp.The show was great,

You Know this is trouble
On our tour of the airstrip we got to talk to a mechanic who really opened my eyes about how much these airplanes mean to the guys.
They will actually take some time if a plane they work on goes down. He explained its like loosing a dog- its your best friend and worst enemy at the same time

Water blatter- 2 options of water.. hot and hotter

I get so excited to do this, I love working with AFE and seeing, meeting and hanging with such great people.
We have a 5am call for tomorrow- off to Qutar- I hope to be able to say more tomorrow.

National Mom Carole Montgomery