Monday, August 13, 2012

ISA Bahrain

It was a very long serious drive. I tried to get them to laugh
From The city to the dessert

Traveling across Bahrain it is hot humid dessert. It is some of the driest areas I've seen but in the middle of nothingness is the tree of life.

People from all walks of life come out here to see it.

Its amazing and beautiful. Some jackass carved his name in the branch.. I hope he dies.

This is the second time to the tree of life
I cant believe some one carved their name
It was so hot they moved the show indoors. Thank God!!

The Show was great- what nice peeps
 I didn't get a photo with her because she was running around so much helping everyone but Tiffany Cunin was so amazing with helping us out and making sure we were taken care of (another Warren Ohio Birthed person..and the same age).
She had to run before the show was over but I wanted to throw her a shout out for being so amazing. Her energy was so upbeat if you listened carefully she hummed.
 Last time I was here there was a fire chief who knew my father from Youngstown- and we called him at work. ISA must be my base.
Carlton from Fresh Prince.. He actually runs the show and was an amazing guy

Our Boy Baboo!