Sunday, August 19, 2012

SHIP TOUR with the Army

These are the guys who gave us shots

Fish Pond With Turtles!
So The Patches On soldiers arms obviously mean allot to them. It started in the civil war to tell medics what state and town you where from in case you where found in a field they know where to take you.
You see allot of the A in a circle- that is the 3rd army patch. Patton s Army. When someone salutes you there is a reply.
guy 1: Pattons own
guy 2 Always first..
The salute is with your right hand- your sword hand- it was to show in passing on your horse you wont attack.
Allot of New Yorkers on Camp Patriot

getting on a boat! ship.. ahh we are getting on water!

What a great guy- He had us laughing and enjoying the tour way to much

What a view
The Navy makes ship that attack and go out for war- the army transports things into war zones and can defend themselves while doing so. Most of the ground vehicles in dessert storm got to the middle east by boat! The Army in the water are like merchant marines on steroids.
Looking out- this is the view- this ship can hold allot! it supplies the army with Abrams Tanks

Can you tell they are out of hawaii

Loaded with amazing weapons to keep them safe

Its like a machine gun that shoots grenades  That is something i would love to see!

Miami Vice aint got shit on this Pirate finder
Army ships have big rooms. They are very comfortable- to the point when out on sea they get in port and rather stay on ship then take the bunks provided.

Anchors up- give me the keys and lets take this for a spin

Looking down at other ships.

One of the proudest moments: I got tears in my eyes.
he had the base stand at attention.