Saturday, August 11, 2012

Qatar and Bahrain: Travel Day and show

Leaving Qatar (pronounced cutter) I was getting sad- Our MWR guys were amazing. Again when ever you hang with soldiers I get it... Its a brotherhood- these guys care for each other, go though allot together. Its very touching when they allow us into their lives.

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The citizens of Qatar are very humble and peaceful, except when driving.. then they are crazy. Grant drove like a pro! taking us to the airport. It was hard leaving our crew. Shawn, Mario and Grant we hope you get home safe!

And Now Bahrain: Middle of the tour!

All Arabian Gulf countries wear the same traditional clothing, but it is different in styles and shapes from country to country>>> 
Anyway for Bahrains:
*Men: “Thawb” or “Thobe” (which means a garment)is an ankle-length garment, usually with long sleeves, similar to a robe for the body and “kandura” to cover the head.. Also in special Occasions they wearing also “besht” (which means a robe), It is usually worn in ceremonial occasions or by presidents; a “besht” ,”بشت” can be worn in a wedding, Eid, and funerals. It refers to a status of wealth and royalty, or sometimes a religious position.

My Room: They Hook us up!
A real bed!
There wasn't lodging on base so we got the hook up! As much as I love military living I would be a liar if i said i wasn't excited to walk in this room.

In my closet.. Guidians are everywhere!

My View

For Women: which is more complicated. A very conservative woman might wear a long black garment called “Abayah” that covers the body from the heads down to feet. Under this cover she could be wearing a traditional Arabian dress, “thawb”, or she could be wearing the latest style designer clothes or bikini.. kidding. 
I seen enough 3 stooges shows to know don't look under the robe!

At The Mall
In addition to the Abayah, a very conservative woman would wear a face and head cover. Some women would wear the Abayah without the head and face cover, while others might wear a scarf-like cover called “Hejab” to cover the hair only and not the face.

only to go-its ramadan
Best sellers: Saddam, Bin Laden and yes thats Hitler.

Gun Shaped soap- scrub the  infidel out
yea there is!

The Navy is Always a great crowd!

These guys took us out for a good time after