Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kuwait Security Team: The Best

This security group was Amazing: Every time we are in Kuwait we are taken care of as if we were the President.. with higher approval rating. I loved all the security guys from the other trips and stay in touch with some of them. I hope to continue the tradition with this crew!
Big Black and I
 This is a man of few words but when he does talk everyone listens.. The best part is he has one of the best sense of humors ever.
Naomi is the female of the group- we think she is the secrete weapon.. everyone secretly is afraid of her- she is like the Hulk no one wants to piss her off
Gary is an ex jersey trooper and military bad ass- Very serious and very nice!
Kanyee- He is a great driver and all around awesome dude- we rocked out to the radio, free style rapped and laughed allot.
 Last but not least Stealth. Stealth was always already there and had everything taken care of. We shared drinking stories and would hang out during the show- this guy would get me laughing- I'm sure he will be in NYC soon.. before we get home!
Parting gifts from the war room.. yea I have no photos from there.