Friday, August 24, 2012

Djibouti show from Pro MWR Photographer

The Shows where so amazing. Djbouti is a great base and the guys loved showing us what they do day to day. I think that fed into the show- we broke up the everyday life on base. There was an energy that just was so high we could have stayed up all night.

I think all the performers gave it all and left it on stage.

Guys from all over the world where there we even had some Japanese soldiers come over from their base to watch the show.

You could hear a pin drop they where so into the show. Elayne Boosler, Carole Montgomery and Jim Mendrinos took these guys on a journey. We really did enjoy performing as much as they enjoyed having us.

This is why doing these shows really matter- These guys in 130 degree heat in the middle of Africa who are away from their families, wives and kids forgot about everything for two hours and just laughed.

Our Photographers where awesome- The whole MWR was awesome- They really took great care of us.

After the show we had a great time at the meet and greet.

We where as excited as them

There is a clown with the clown

The show continued for hours after

We are not related but he is from Ohio!

Our Photographer!

The night burned on

Our MWR reps! Thanks for the memories